Master en Diseño Estratégico, Innovación y Emprendimiento - Intensivo


Program Description

This program is taught in Spanish

The Master in Strategic Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is centered around detecting opportunities, coming up with and developing new business ideas and launching or redefining products, services and production processes through innovation.

Implementing innovation is critical to ensure competitiveness in today’s socio-economic context as it covers everything to do with giving a product or service a new business perspective.

This course encourages collaborative and multidisciplinary work, critical thinking, debate, and creativity to develop valuable proposals with a user focus but without losing sight of the overall business model. Throughout the course, students are introduced to various didactic resources such as workshops by acclaimed professionals, master classes, analyzing case studies, developing projects and visiting companies.


The objective of the master is to train professionals capable of using innovation as a tool in new business creation, leaders, in management of complex processes, able to undertake new challenges generating opportunities and applying the change as a key factor in organizations.

Through workshops taught by renowned professionals, lectures and case studies, developing projects in collaboration with companies and in the context of an active environment of analysis and discussion, specific contents will be developed.

From a critical point of view, the course will give the skills to be capable to question the established proceedings, detect improvement opportunities, apply innovative strategies through creativity, undertake new ventures from a multidisciplinary viewpoint, integrating all the involved processes from a design point of view.


IED Barcelona is introducing an innovative methodology for its intensive courses, combining in‑class lessons with virtual content developed and monitored online. This enables students to spend 3 months studying in the city of Barcelona and then go back to complete their training at home. The syllabus is applied in a dynamic environment and combines 4 modules with different teaching methods. The idea is to enhance the student’s professional enrichment using the following structure:

  1. Online introduction module: January 21st – April 21st.
  2. In-class module: Classroom lectures at IED Barcelona, April 24th – July 19th.
  3. Online thesis module: July 19th – November 22nd.
  4. Presentation module: November 23th.

Intended for

This Master is addressed to professionals who, regardless of the area they work in, are interested in acquiring specific tools and methodologies for innovation strategic management to be applied as in their own business and projects, as to boost and manage competitiveness in the organizations they work for.

Designers from every discipline, specialists in communication and marketing, as well as those professionals devoted to business and strategic planning, have an adequate profile to become Design Managers.
Also, businessmen and industrials from several sectors, interested in questioning their own production processes and conceptions, will acquire techniques and methodologies to redefine the approach of their business.

Professional opportunities

Students will then be qualified to work for a variety of companies and organizations, undertaking any of the following functions:

  • Managing innovation processes and applying them to innovative business models in various sectors.
  • Identifying and assessing business opportunities.
  • Conceptualizing and developing new products and innovative services.
  • Managing and encouraging innovation within the company.
  • Venturing into new business initiatives based on innovation as a distinctive factor.
  • Creating, implementing and developing creative enterprises.
  • Defining new business models to be implemented within an existing company or through a start-up.
  • Working in a leading position on multidisciplinary teams.


Guido Charosky

Co-founder Drop-Design for Innovation, an innovation consulting firm focused on creating exceptional products and services, focused on the user experience and business model. An industrial designer by the University of Buenos Aires, Master’s Degree (DEA) in Innovation Projects by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Postgraduate in Business Management in the School of Industrial Organization.

Previously, he worked as Experience Design Lead at HP and as Design & Innovation Manager at the consulting firm Loop Business Innovation. He has been a Professor of IED since 2008 and Director of the Innovation Lab of the ESADE MBA.

He has extensive experience in different fields of design and innovation in various sectors: consumer electronics, equipment, toys, technology, services, packaging, and consumer goods. He has collaborated with multinational companies, SMEs and startups and has carried out projects in Argentina, United States, Spain, England, Italy, and Dubai. He has written articles for international magazines and congresses.

His work has been published in different magazines and newspapers and has received design awards in Germany, the United States, Argentina, Spain, and Japan.

Duration and frequency

  • Duration: 3 months in Barcelona and 4 months online
  • Schedule: On-site part - Monday to Friday from 9.40 a.m to 2.30 p.m and from 3 p.m to 6.10 p.m
  • Start Date: Online classes 21/1/20 + On-site classes 27/4/20
Last updated Jan 2020

About the School

The IED Barcelona is a workshop for conducting analysis and research applied to material culture, a focus it is destined to develop increasingly in the future.

The IED Barcelona is a workshop for conducting analysis and research applied to material culture, a focus it is destined to develop increasingly in the future. Read less