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On this page we will give you the main elements of the Digital Marketing Master Web Marketing, a training course aimed at doing marketing on the web much more than knowledge. Our Master brings in Italy the best international standards of the discipline of web marketing, certifying following the final exam the skills acquired by the participants, their profit and attendance. The starting point for accessing the important career prospects of the new web professions. All with the certainty of being able to count on the widest and specialized range of training courses in Web marketing available in Italy, thanks to which you can integrate other skills, follow other update modules, enter the Digital Coach community, take other exams to obtain other supplementary certifications. So that you can also take the Google certification exams thanks to a program of studies that already includes all the main topics requested by Google.

Recipients of the Web Marketing Master

  • Professionals
  • Young people
  • Entrepreneurs

Professional outlets

The Master in Web Marketing provides the preparation and certifies the skills necessary to undertake the following careers

  • Web marketing manager
  • Consultant seo
  • Seo specialist
  • Sem specialist
  • Web content specialist / manager
  • Traffic manager
  • Seo-sem specialist
  • Inbound marketing specialist

Content and Program of the Master in Web Marketing

We have designed this training program for all those who want an extremely specialized web marketing training in order to start a career as a web marketing manager, web marketing specialist or, for those who prefer to work on their own as a web marketing consultant. Compared to other web marketing courses, our Master Web Marketing stands out for its orientation to doing, the possibility of being able to learn the use of software and tools that can be used from the day following the lesson. The program has been designed taking as reference the well-developed reality of the American market and bringing in Italy the best practices and the latest news such as, for example, the disciplines of Inbound marketing, affiliation marketing and location based marketing. In each of the 2 annual editions, the program is updated with the latest trends and technologies.

The program consists of 11 web marketing disciplines divided into as many training modules but we expect, for those who wish, the possibility of being able to integrate 3 Advanced modules:

  • Seo advanced
  • Sem advanced
  • Web analytics advanced

which make the preparation of the participants even more specialized. This path given the breadth of the content is also a great starting point for those who want to start a career by Seo specialist, Sem specialist, web analytics specialist

Web Marketing Area Forms

Digital Strategy



Search Engine Optimization to maximize visits! Activities aimed at optimizing the presence on search engines in order to generate traffic for users interested in their products and services. However, historical rules have undergone radical changes over the last two years, becoming the most holistic of web marketing disciplines.


Convert web traffic into customers! Module which teaches how to use different PPC (Pay Per Click) tools thanks to which to implement targeted strategies in terms of location, days, times as well as interests, age and sex of the user. These include Google Adwords and its features of both Keyword advertising and Display Advertising (banners).

E-Mail Marketing

The Ultimate call to action Tool! DEM (Direct Email marketing) is a historically dated tool but still extremely effective in stimulating actions that often lead to online sales. We will see all the technological and communicative and copywriting solutions to be able to significantly improve the performance of this instrument.

E-Commerce Strategies

How to sell online! We will define the critical success factors of an online sales project by analyzing for each of them the Best Practices that produce the best results. We will talk about online strategy, online sales channels, technological choices, but there will also be offline topics such as the choices of the range, those of warehouse management (Drop Shipment), Customer service and organizational structure. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, take a look at our Master in E-Commerce.

Web Analytics

Dates and analysis to deeply understand your customer needs and behaviors! We will teach how to use software, first of all Google Analytics useful for acquiring business intelligence information on the needs, behaviors, tastes and preferences of the public. To then implement consequent web marketing actions whose results will be re-measured and interpreted. Among the other tools we will also talk about A / B testing tools, heat maps, webmaster tools and more.

Mobile Marketing

How to reach your audience in the right moment and place! We will discover how, through smartphones and tablets, it is now possible to reach your audience and create integrated strategies with other media. We will understand how to design Mobile Apps, mobile advertising campaigns, SMS marketing, mobile Couponing.

Inbound Marketing

Design your online customer acquisition strategy! Through this emerging discipline we will define the sequence of optimal actions (Funnels) to be carried out by the visitors of their website in order to maximize the chances that they become customers. We will understand how to assign to each medium (Seo, Sem, Email, social) the right role in the right phase of the conversion process.

Website Creation

Design and Manage your website without coding! The website is the starting and arrival point of every web marketing action and as such it is a dynamic tool that must be improved and modified on a daily basis. In this module we will teach how to do it, using WordPress, the CMS that allows you to create and manage websites without the need for programming and design skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Create and manage your Online Salesforce! The New business activity traditionally carried out through agents and sales networks in the traditional offline world is increasingly finding an affiliate marketing fee online. We will learn to know the principles, intermediaries and software to create, manage and remunerate our online sales force.

Location Based Marketing

The Right place, the right moment to reach your prospects! The development of technologies and the mobile world allow today to be able to carry out marketing actions based on the geographic position of our potential customers, allowing them to be reached in the right place and time to optimize their advertising spending. We will discover in this module the ways and the software to be able to do it.

Advanced integrable modules

For those who are interested in making their preparation even more vertical and specialized, there is the possibility of integrating the following advanced training modules (ask for details about our training specialist):

Advanced SEO: the latest changes in SEO and how to deal with them!

We will present the latest updates in search engine algorithms (Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and others) that result in significant changes for SEO specialist activity. In particular, the increasing need for integration between this discipline and the themes of content marketing, social media, semantics in order to produce results. We will also propose some advanced tools.

SEM Advanced programmatic

We will understand how the emerging technologies of Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding are giving a new direction to the SEM sector and we will understand the logic on which these technologies are based. But we will also deepen the opportunities of Retargeting / Remarketing technologies and we will try the tools made available by the main players in the sector.

Advanced Web Analytics: Integrated data to improve manager's decision making!

The increasing availability of information available in the digital marketing world requires the ability to know how to use tools that can effectively integrate them as Google's Universal Analytics. In this module we will learn to integrate mobile and desktop data with data from social media and social analytics. However, we will also discover and use A / B testing and eye tracking tools to improve the understanding of preferences, habits and interests of our potential customers.

Practicato (Work experience)

We offer Master Web Marketing students who request it, the opportunity to practice in the field through a real WORK EXPERIENCE, which we will evaluate and then be included in their curriculum as experience. Inserted into a work team coordinated by 3 digital professors, the students have the opportunity to deepen the concepts and skills learned during the practical-operational lessons with a real practical experience. In a labor market that requires more and more specialization it becomes crucial to be able to demonstrate that it has carried out a first curricular activity in the context coherent with the studies of the Master Web Marketing.

Precisely in this logic we have thought of a formula that allows the student to choose the area in which to specialize and to be included in the related work team. In collaboration with colleagues and under the supervision of professional web marketing consultants, the student has the opportunity to work in teams on real activities and follow all the stages of implementation, to achieve objectives that will be measured in KPI. A curricular work to be inserted under one's own professional experiences. At the end of the Work Experience, in fact, the student will be able to insert the experience of apprenticeship in his / her curriculum, explicitly declaring to have had work experience of apprenticeship in the web marketing with Digital Coach.

Program taught in:

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