Master - the innovative technologies in the transport and storage of hydrocarbons systems

Far Eastern Federal University

Program Description

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Master - the innovative technologies in the transport and storage of hydrocarbons systems

Far Eastern Federal University

Program Overview

The program combines theoretical and practical training of highly qualified personnel in the field of design, analysis and organizational-administrative activities aimed at the introduction of innovative technologies in the oil and gas facilities associated with the production of hydrocarbons in the offshore zone and the transport of raw materials.

acquired competence

  • organization and conduct analytic, modeling and experimental investigations;
  • the use of professional software systems in the field of mathematical modeling of processes and objects, automated system design;
  • ownership and improving operating procedures and equipment maintenance technology;
  • design and development of new innovative processes and oil and gas equipment and transport of oil and gas;
  • development of design solutions for quality management in the oil and gas industry.

Competitive advantages

  • highly qualified teaching staff with experience in the implementation of industrial projects;
  • practice-oriented training with the involvement of existing managers and employees of specialized enterprises;
  • participation in the implementation of research projects;
  • availability of modern laboratory and technological base for the educational process and scientific research;
  • Partnership with research institutes of the Siberian and Far East Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • partnership leading design organizations, industrial enterprises and corporations of Russia and the Far East region (JSC "Transneft", JSC "Gazprom" and others.);
  • joint research with foreign partners in the area of ​​the Pacific Rim countries of interaction patterns within the oil and gas industry and resource economy (Japan), optimization of transport schemes (South Korea), environmental monitoring (Republic of Vietnam, BMT Cordah Ltd), the development of new technologies and supply schemes and gas transportation (Republic of Vietnam).

The area of ​​professional activity and employment

The sphere of professional activity includes:

  • research and development;
  • methods of design and construction;
  • realization and control of technological processes and manufactures segment fuel energy, comprising field development, transport and storage of hydrocarbons, including oil and gas deposits in Arctic shelf area, gas hydrate deposits;
  • processes and production technology, production and use of liquefied natural gas.

Promising places of employment of graduates of the program are the various industrial enterprises, research institutes, higher educational institutions. Key professional trajectory - process engineers, designers, technical managers of production, scientists and teachers.

Approximate curriculum

  • Philosophical problems of science and technology
  • The methodology of scientific research in the oil and gas industry
  • Modeling of oil and gas problems
  • Economics and Management in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • The general theory of dynamical systems and methods of mathematical physics
  • Optimization of thermal and hydraulic hydrocarbon transport modes
  • Actual problems of world energy
  • Energy-saving technologies of hydrocarbons
  • Information technology in the oil and gas facilities
  • measurement and quality control of hydrocarbons
  • Methodology of technical diagnostics gas objects
  • Project Management of construction of objects of transport and storage of hydrocarbons
  • Energy-saving technologies of hydrocarbons
  • The use, transportation and storage of liquefied natural gas and gas hydrates
  • Optimization and improvement of gas supply systems / Innovative materials in pipeline transport
  • Computer-aided design and operation of oil and gas facilities / Development of gas hydrate deposits
  • Environmental protection measures and technology at the facilities of receipt, transport and storage of hydrocarbons / Scheme of gas supply based on liquefied natural gas
  • Optimization of location of objects of transport systems and oil and gas storage / Investment planning in the oil and gas sector
  • Development of deposits in special environmental conditions / Innovative technologies for operations in oil, gas and liquefied petroleum
  • Research seminar "Modern trends in the gas industry"
  • Research work
  • Practice

Minimum requirements for previous education


Entrance test

  • Stage 1 - preparation and defense of the essay on the proposed topics;
  • 2 stage - interview.

Name and contact the Director of SS

Gulkov Alexander Nefedovich

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Sept. 2018
2 years
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Russia - Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai
Start date : Sept. 2018
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Sept. 2018
Russia - Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai
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