Master TQM - Tourism Quality Management - 47th edition


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Program Description

Tourism Manager… Profession with concrete prospects! The Master TQM - Tourism Quality Management, with over 200 partner companies, 46 editions already carried out and 1,806 graduated candidates, represents the most important path of specialization and job placement in the management of the tourism sector, in hotel management and in the coordination of tour operators; the Master TQM, CEPAS qualified, is the only one in Italy to have such a long and specific experience in the tourism sector. Divided into two phases: 2 month classroom and double 3 + 3 month internship in Italy and abroad. A classroom week takes place on a cruise in the Mediterranean to experience the integrated tourism system par excellence up close: the cruise sector.

The TQM Master allows you to receive 10 professional certifications recognized in the business and consultancy field both in Italy and abroad and automatic registration in the CEPAS register for Manager & Consultant of the Tourism and Hotel Management Systems, which constitutes a specific recognized professional figure by one of the most important Certification Bodies of Training and Professionalism and which allows to operate transversely on the most relevant areas of the tourism sector.

Professional outlets

The preparation acquired during the TQM - Tourism Quality Management Master allows you to develop the skills able to open professional opportunities in the following areas of tourism companies (4 and 5-star hotel chains, villages, tour operators, travel agencies, cruise lines):

  • Front Office - Room Division Manager - Revenue Manager
  • Commercial Marketing
  • Congress and Events Organization - Destination Management
  • Food & Beverage
  • Front-line for Wellness and Thermal
  • the cruise
  • Quality, Security & Safety Assurance
  • Administration and Financial Management

The TQM Master - Tourism Quality Management is also preparatory to the professional qualifications of Hotel Director, Technical Director of Travel Agencies and Touristic Accompanying. The Master takes place every year in two sessions in February and October both in Rome and in Milan.


The TQM Master is a limited number to guarantee the quality of teaching activities. Each room has a number of admissions not exceeding 35 students. The Master is aimed at graduates in both humanistic and scientific disciplines interested in acquiring operational tools through a training path with innovative and practical contents that are difficult to learn in degree courses but very useful for entering the world of work; Industry insiders wishing to tackle a qualifying course for their profession.

The program

  • 2 Months of High Education in the Hall in Rome or Milan (from Monday to Friday 9.00 - 18.00)
  • Double 3 3-month stage (or single 6-month internship) with board and lodging - you can indicate your preferences about the destination of the internships
  • 3 months in hotel facilities located in major European cities
  • 3 months in tourist facilities in the Mediterranean (See Stage Transparency Operation)

The program of the Master Tourism TQM - Tourism Quality Management is developed in a useful way to guarantee the participant the highest professional preparation thanks also to the constant updating of the thematic contents, updated on the starting day of each TQM Master Edition. We compete with the best European institutes. The program is unanimously appreciated for the uniqueness and completeness of the training proposal, so much so that it is taken as a Master of comparison, comparison, imitation by the various Competitors present on the national market, both public and private. The number of TQM Master Editions proposed (47 editions), the sharing of the project by the multiplicity of international Brands, the exclusivity of the educational proposal as well as the double internship guaranteed to all participants, allow the TQM Master - not only to be the FIRST but also UNIQUE in terms of performance and objectives achieved. Last but not least, the high level of employment post-diploma Master TQM, or the Placement, distinguishes in a particular way the commitment and constancy of UNINFORM Group, present in the Higher Education Market for over 20 years with a high level of public recognition. and private individuals who, in addition to qualifying the training offer, legitimize the clarity and transparency of the action.

The educational program is regulated in 6 macro-areas for the development of specific managerial and managerial skills.


  • The Company System
  • Financial administration
  • Human resources
  • Front Office
  • Food & Beverage
  • Management "OPERA FIDELIO"


  • Price Management
  • Electronic Distribution
  • Sales & Marketing at the Front Office


  • Strategic marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online tourist distribution - OTA - (Travel Agency Online)


  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Safety


  • MICE (Meeting Incentives Conferences Events)
  • PCO (Professional Conference Organizer)
  • Wellness & Spa
  • Crocieristico - Excursions
  • WWF Italy: sustainable and responsible tourism


  • Business Planning Auditor


UNINFORM Group has selected the best hotel and tourist companies operating in Italy and abroad to complete the training and development process in the classroom. The internship is a full immersion in the activities of the host company, during which the participation in functional projects that allow to put into practice what has been learned in the classroom phase.

The stage

  • it takes place in companies of the sector - 4 or 5 star hotels, hotel chains, holiday villages and tour operators - both in Italy and abroad in specific functions requested by the participants themselves.
  • it is inclusive of food and accommodation;
  • it is structured in 2 separate periods of 3 months each;
  • in many cases it can also have a single duration of 6 months;
  • it is proposed in Italy and abroad;
  • for foreign countries the knowledge of the foreign language is required;
  • English and Spanish are the languages of greatest interest for a better placement abroad.

It is possible to carry out the double internship in national and international hotel groups, individual hotels, consultancy companies, tour operators, tourist villages, travel agencies and cruise companies, in all corporate departments (Front Office; Food & Beverage; Administration and Accounting; Destination; Marketing & Sales; Commercial; MICE; PCO; Human Resources; Front line Spa & wellness;…). The Placement Office of the UNINFORM Group monitors the evolution of each internship on a monthly basis and maintains direct relationships with both the student intern and the host company. In rare cases of criticality, he immediately arranges the change of internship without any prejudice for the Student. The assignment of each internship is always shared with the participant in order to enhance his skills and his goals for growth.

The only master who:

  • it is tailor-made for the participant
  • it is international in scope
  • it is also focused on High Specialization in Hotel Management
  • has professors from the International Hotellerie
  • has a performing teaching content for the acquisition of managerial skills
  • guarantees an outgoing professional profile of considerable managerial value.

The TQM Master - Tourism Quality Management, the Master that makes the difference!

The TQM Master:

  • offers a managerial preparation and high level transversal management, which can be used in any field of work in the world of tourism;
  • it is effective for anyone who intends to look out at the Tourist Hotel, Village, Crocieristico, Tour Operator, Travel Agencies with the necessary security;
  • is the only one in the sector that develops in the Tourist / Hotel area competences aimed at management control supported and qualified by training in "HACCP, Quality, Safety and EMAS";
  • reports an organization and a TOTALLY Training path focused on a single objective: to favor the social, economic and cognitive development of each Master Participant;
  • represents the new employment means / tool Facilitator;
  • it is innovative, adhering to the needs of the tourism market and consistent with the highest quality standards referred both to the design and to the provision of higher education;
  • is updated at each edition on the business dynamics that most characterize the sector;
  • it is structured with a logic of excellence, maximum quality, efficiency and constant effectiveness.
  • has a teaching methodology based on ACTIVE-LEARNING (the learning of theoretical knowledge through practical exercises); all the topics in the Chamber are completed by the Business Simulator that allows all the Participants not only to analyze company case studies but also to try their hand in possible solutions in specific tourist hotel areas, tour operators, travel agencies.
  • boasts a Team of Lecturers engaged for years in Hotel Management, highly specialized in functional areas subject to teaching;
  • counts on a Team Placement dedicated 24 hours to the Participants of the Master TQM - Tourism Quality Management in an exclusive way, set up in the interest to favor the best hotel tourist destinations and always in line with the different wishes of each student;
  • provides each Participant with an accompanying service, without any additional cost, which allows him to receive automatically the communications from the UNINFORM Group Blogs, the possible receipt of proposals for collaboration and / or work, updating the CV in the UNINFORM database Group (periodically forwarded to personnel managers), the latest proposals for Specialization Courses, Conventions and thematic congresses in the sector.

It is the original cloned by many, but never exceeded. It is enough to surf the web to realize training proposals, even recent ones, not only very similar but even advertised with the same texts designed and published by UNINFORM Group! They are subjects regardless of copyright and deficiencies in professionalism and fairness; the same that, then, with the idea that it is enough "the dress" to qualify "Training Body". Beware of clones, pseudo entities born out of thin air, of subjects without a stable organization, of a seat, of a certain and verifiable traceability, of real public accreditations, of authoritative private certifications.

TQM Master Scholarships

This section of the website was created to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Tourism Master Scholarships provided by the tourist vocational training UNINFORM by UNINFORM Group, the renowned Master TQM - Tourism Quality Management. Specifically, in fact, UNINFORM Group has provided for three scholarships to study partial coverage that allow the candidate to pay only 3,400.00 (three thousand four hundred / 00) euros plus VAT, contributions, these, which were made available directly by the companies sponsors and the sponsoring companies of the TQM Master. The Promoting Organizations reserve the right to assign the Tourism Master Scholarships available on the basis of the evaluations of the candidate profiles considered to be of particular interest. The number of assigned Master Tourism Scholarships will also take into account the numerical criterion which provides for a partial scholarship for every 10 paying candidates.

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