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  1. POWER YOUR CAREER strategist Be your own career, choose to specialize in more than 70 programs of high business impact.
  2. APPLY YOUR KNOWLEDGE Take 50 business simulators that allow you to experience and play situations within the business world.
  3. LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS An academic body of international hierarchy, with extensive managerial experience.
  4. Link to your Vincúlate AN INTERNATIONAL NETWORK with more than 50,000 executives of leading companies in Latin America and Spain.
  5. ACCESS MBA WITH AN INTERNATIONAL An MBA recognition premier, accredited by ACBSP (USA) and applicable in the Community E


Specialized Master consists of three periods: the first is common and is focused on the basics of company management; this period is face and develops with a high practical content with monthly meetings for 10 months. The remaining two periods are of specialization where you will deepen your learning in a specific area of ​​interest, these periods are online format, where you can interact with professionals from other countries; You can choose from the following specializations:

  • SKILLS PROGRAM-Presencial 100 hs
    Management Skills Program (PHD) will provide the necessary tools to develop their leadership in contexts of great diversity, which require a leader to redefine their roles and rethink their driving practices:
    • MODULE 1: Job Excellence and quality of life
    • MODULE 2: Personal Leadership
    • MODULE 3: Talent Management (Talent Simulator)
    • MODULE 4: Executive Coaching
    • MODULE 5: Ontological Coaching
    • MODULE 6: Agile Leadership (Simulator Commander)
    • MODULE 7: Communicative Tools
    • MODULE 8: Collaborative Teams (Simulator Lost)
    • MODULE 9: Strategic Negotiation
    • MODULE 10: The practice of negotiation (Simulator Negociator)
  • Specialized Master in Communication and Corporate Identity-Online

The Specialized Master in Communication and Corporate Identity, prepares managers of high impact on the strategic management of communication to streamline processes, avoid internal conflicts and make the organization more competitive.

Develops skills and communication skills for dynamic contact with internal and external audiences, focused on achieving organizational goals. It incorporates the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the image through a communication plan based on traditional and / or digital.

It transmits and deepens the segmentation, the adequacy of media, styles and messages for each public organization. It provides strategies to guide policy performance through the necessary, more effective, so that the visual communication and behavior are aligned with the intended image media entity.


The Master is certified by Euncet Business School and UCI Extension

Program taught in:

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This course is Online & Campus Combined
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Mar. 2019
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Mar. 2019
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Mar. 2019

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