An ambitious program to train specialists of high finance. The Master in Banking and Financial Engineering offers a dual expertise in corporate finance and market to train specialists with a strong international dimension.

This program obeys the BMD system and the ISO program design methodological repository 9001 version 2008. Originality, coherence and pedagogical structure have earned accreditation African and Malagasy Council of Higher Education (CAMES) and the center of excellence of the UEMOA.

It lasts four semesters divided into specialties and offering the student a rich and varied horizon in Banking and financial engineering. To obtain the Master in Banking and Financial engineering, beyond the validation of the student teaching units should have a memory, and support the pass.


Managers who firstly are equipped with proven academic skills suitable for doctoral studies 3rd cycle through research in the specialty units of other Managers with proven professional skills in Banking and financial engineering with a path leading to a qualification and professional integration of high level.


The Specialized Master in Banking and Financial Engineering has set itself aims to train financial experts with the ability and intelligence to understand the financial arrangements in the banks and in the general framework of corporate diagnosis, to meet the better industrial and economic issues. The choice of this training provides skills in the fields; capital investment, structured finance, project finance and asset and finally the trades related to raising funds in the capital markets, strategic and financial analysis, valuation and financing tools. The program allows students to develop a sharp technical expertise in Banking thanks to the teaching staff skills and regular contact with active professionals

  • A constantly updated program based on market trends and the evolution of the discipline.
  • A room with free access markets.
  • The intervention of senior professionals.
  • A contact and a permanent coaching run by professionals.
  • A faculty author of reference books and numerous research papers.


In Master 1 Semester 1 (M1S1) Hold a Bachelors degree and Bank Financial Engineering or equivalent degree in the Master 1 Semester 2 (M1S2) Hold a Bachelors degree and Bank Finance and Engineering have validated the semester 1 Master in the specialty or an equivalent degree in the field.

In Master 2 Semester 3 (M2S3) Hold a Bachelors degree and Bank Financial Engineering and have validated semesters 1 and 2 of the Master in the specialty or an equivalent degree in the field.

In Master 2 Semester 4 (M2S4) Hold a Bachelors degree and Bank Financial Engineering and have validated semesters 1 2 or 3 of the Master in the specialty or an equivalent degree in the field.

The bank and Financial Engineering Master leads to positions of high technical level, which are under financial engineering and usually concern the mounting financial transactions (IPO, debt, capital increase, funding major projects ...), on behalf of customers or a financial institution.

The Bank specialty and Financial Engineering aims to support students that will make a high-level career in business and technical areas of banking, corporate finance and market finance. Through concentrations train graduates to the African and international dimensions of business and able to support the growth of the company and to master the challenges of new digital and green economies.

To produce graduates of management functions to sustain their business but also allow for studies of searches in the third cycle.

• Market Operator (investment bank) • Financial Analysts (commercial Bq) • Asset Managers (bq) • Investment Advisers (market) • Risk Analysts (bq) • Responsible services abroad (bq) • Heads 'agencies (bq) • Responsible Monétiques (bq) • Portfolio Managers (bq) • Financial service • Heads DAF / Project Managers • RAF • Financial Engineering

Program taught in:
  • French

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Sep 2020
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