Master Program of Digit Creation and Entertainment Interactive


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Program Description

Master Program of Digit Creation and Entertainment Interactive (English-taught)

Establishment Background

1. Taiwan design improvement has won international affirmation

Amid knowledge economy era, more and more successful enterprises have already shifted organization resource from mass production to unique design and innovation. For enhancing market competition, increasing sales volume and profitability and avoiding low-price war, Taiwan government and enterprises highly aware have already advocated the concept of design value-added aggressively. Taiwan design industry has won 450 awards in 4 major international design awards in Japan G-Mark, USA IDEA, Germany iF and Reddot, including 10 top awards since 2003. Taiwan industry design even won 65 awards in Germany iF design competition in 2006, surpassing Japan and Korean and ranking the second next to host country Germany and topping in Asia. It proves Taiwan designers have already reached a top international level and also “design” is a trend that Taiwan must continue development.

2. Facing international competition, Taiwan design industry must search a breakthrough

Facing international competition, Taiwan design industry must develop internationally beyond the Taiwan island. Taiwan designers can evolve from “design importer” representing a design learner into “design exporter”, a design instructor. Although It doesn’t mean Taiwan’s designers can replace advanced countries’, the unique design model developed from Taiwan economic development history can be an exemplar for 3rd world countries.

3. Features and Competition of College of Digit Design

The establishment of College of Digit Design conforms to such “digital contents” as digit broadcast, culture aesthetics, entertainment industry, arts design and digit learning demands and development derived from internet and digital technology in 21st century as to fulfill the education goal of cultivating omnipotent leadership talents, digit designers of international vision and to match national development policy and industry demands and to satisfy premier digit life demands. The college devises “Mid and Long-Term Development Plan” subject to “Mid and Long-Term Education Affair Development Plan” in every year to design the college development plan for the next 5 years. The futuristic development goals in the college areas in the following:

1. Cultivate integrative omnipotent leadership talents conforming to digit era; provide planning and design professional talents in futuristic digital top-quality life

2. Integrate faculty human resources and provide value-added service; inspect the platform for academic theory research and practice application

3. Expand college facilities and construct college features; characterize the determination for digital integration

4. Develop international cooperation and communicate with international exchange platforms; establish an international leadership design college

Planning concept overview

1. Initiating English-teaching master programs in every department

Each department has its own independent master degree program (Dept. of Info Communication, Visual Communication Design, and Multimedia & Entertainment Science) with excellent achievement. Due to the following reasons, English-teaching master programs still can’t be initiated in any department:

1.) As each department lacks English-teaching lecturers, it is impossible to offer enough English-teaching courses. Each lecturer and professor has already had a pretty much-working load. If an independent graduate institute were established, it would cause huge workload to faculty members.

2.) Establishing an independent English-teaching graduate institute can’t create characters attracting students to enroll.
3.) We thus plan to establish an English-teaching college by integrating all faculty members’ expertise to create innovative courses conforming to digit trend.

2. Lecturing and teaching by mutual support

All faculty members will plan to teach according to the principle of “mutual lecturing”, such as the music and music sound course will be co-lectured by two lecturers as to reach mutual support.

3. Professional graduate institute for international students

This English-teaching graduate will be independent. All courses are subject to the regulations of both Ministry of Education Affairs and Southern Taiwan University to enable students to gain accredit English graduation diploma. This graduate institute will recruit international students who are interested in the design and start international admission cooperation project.

4. All courses available to students in 3 departments

This English-speaking graduate institute will also provide selective courses to students in 3 current departments to increase student enrollment and also create an exchange between local and foreign students to improve students’ learning efficacy and broaden international prospect.

5. Exploiting current professional facilities

In addition to satisfying basic computer demands, other professional facilities will be provided by each department to increase utility rate.

Planning content overview

(1)Courses: Master program of Digit creation and entertainment interactive (full English teaching)

(2) Hosting unit: Department of Visual Communication Design, Graduate Institute of Digit Design

(3) Student enrollment: Foreign students (mainly interested in design)

(4) Graduation credits: 36 credits (including dissertation or creation works 6 credits)

(5) Goal: Cultivating omnipotent digit-era talent and increasing international competition and superiority of the college

(6) Course content:
Courses in the graduate institute are categories into 4 major modules: design theory module, music and sound effect module, multimedia design module, advertisement and propaganda module. Course contents are decided by faculty members in each department.

Last updated February 2018

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STUST was founded in 1969. As of the 2007 academic year, we have a total of four colleges—College of Engineering, College of Business, College of Digital Design, College of Humanities and Social Scien ... Read More

STUST was founded in 1969. As of the 2007 academic year, we have a total of four colleges—College of Engineering, College of Business, College of Digital Design, College of Humanities and Social Sciences—25 departments, 11 graduate institutes (which offer 12 Master's programs and 3 doctoral programs), 4 teaching centers and 18 research centers. STUST has over 800 faculty members, and we currently have approximately 18,000 students enrolled, of which over 170 are international students. Our campus is located in the north-eastern suburb of Tainan City on an area of 16 hectares. To our west is Tainan City, and to our east is Yung-Kang City. Our campus is less than 4 km from Tainan’s Railway Station. Our school is truly located in an area with the beauty of the countryside and the convenience of metropolitan life. Read less
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