Master Program in Economics of Public Policy


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Program Description


How and why do particular public policies get implemented? How are they designed? How do we know if they work? Why are some policies more successful than others?

National-level finance and planning involve big numbers: pensions, health systems, income support, social programs, and so forth. Successful public policies can make all the difference for the lives of millions of individuals, with numbers and effects become much larger for developed countries and faster growth in developing ones.

Students will be drilled in commanding advanced empirical public policy evaluation tools and will be ready to use these tools in practice.

Students will be exposed to the views of experts from fields other than Economics in order to build an appreciation for the multidisciplinary nature of public policy design and evaluation. A master's advisor will guide each student in completing an independent master's project by the end of the program, allowing specialization in a policy topic of the student's choice.

Our graduates will be prepared to take on analytical positions at public institutions, international organizations, consulting firms, research institutions, and think tanks.

Graduates will also be well-prepared to pursue advanced post-graduate study of Policy or Economics.

Program schedule

In the Fall term, students will have the opportunity to take a brush-up course in mathematics and statistics. This courses is not mandatory but highly recommended to assure a smooth start.

  • Maths and Statistics Brush-Up

A master project, which will be supervised in regular meetings with an advisor, will allow each student to put their knowledge into practice and improve their writing and exposition skills.

Course offer is subject to change.

What skills and knowledge will I acquire in this program?

  • Confidence in examining and discussion of the Economic theory behind the design and evaluation of public policies
  • Applied analysis in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Information Economics, Game Theory, and Political Economy
  • Command of state-of-the-art empirical tools to evaluate policies and impacts
  • Expert knowledge of institutional framework contexts where public policies are designed and implemented
  • Ability to communicate in written technical and non-technical policy reports based on multidisciplinary approaches

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Students with Business Administration, Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Public Policy, or Statistical backgrounds
  • Junior analysts or professionals from the workforce looking to upgrade their analytical skills
  • Aspiring Ph.D. students who want to build a solid foundation

Who hires Economics of Public Policy graduates?

    • Consulting Firms
    • Financial Services
    • Government & Authorities
    • International Organizations / Non-profits
    • Research & Academic Institutions
    • Other Industries

Examples of recent placements:

    • AIREF − Research Assistant − Madrid, Spain
    • Arizona State University - PhD Student - Tempe, AZ, United States
    • Banco de España − Research Assistant − Madrid, Spain
    • Dotecon − Junior Consultant − London, United Kingdom
    • European University Institute (EUI) - PhD Student - Florence, Italy
    • Hudson Institute − Economic Policy Research Intern − Washington DC, United States
    • International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) − Consultant − Delhi, India
    • Ministry of Tourism of Mexico − Director of Tourist Regulation − Mexico City, Mexico
    • Nudge4 Solutions Lab at the University of Virginia − Research Assistant − Charlottesville, VA, United States
    • ODI − Fellow Scheme − Banjul, The Gambia
    • Ontario Trillium Foundation − Project Evaluation Analyst − Ontario, Canada
    • PwC − Economic Consultant − Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Resolution Foundation − Economic Researcher − London, United Kingdom
    • Rhode Island Innovative Policy Lab at Brown University − Economic Analyst − Providence, RI, United States
    • SIRIS Academic − Junior Consultant − Barcelona, Spain
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