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The Master follows the PDE methodology with a specialization in Marketing. The program is divided into 5 Terms with different dynamics in each of them.

The sessions from Term 1 to Term 4 will be developed through the combination of individual study, team work and sessions in the meeting room, where the cases will be discussed according to the case method with the mentors of the different subjects of each one of them. the Terms.

The first 4 Terms also serve as mentors to select the student they will take as guardians for the curricular practices, so these Terms represent a true showcase of potential collaborators for the professionals that will welcome them. The student is selected by the mentor and not vice versa, so he will have to assert himself properly if he wishes to be chosen by a specific mentor, just as a professional would do to achieve promotion to a certain vacancy.

The sessions where the cases will be discussed, according to the methodology of the PDE, will take place in the meeting room, from Monday to Thursday from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Objectives of the course

The granting of the PDE title means that, in the opinion of the Management of the ISIE, the candidate possesses a degree of knowledge, handling of techniques, skills, attitudes and personal quality that are considered sufficient to build upon them a solid professional career.

This implies that, during the Program, candidates are evaluated in the following dimensions:

  1. Intellectual capacity to benefit from the academic work carried out during the Program and to grow professionally after completing their stay at the ISIE.
  2. Possession of the set of knowledge and techniques necessary for professional work.
  3. Development of personal qualities such as professionalism, maturity, leadership, ethical style and motivation for work, which combines a high sense of responsibility towards others with a capacity to work with advantage, without the need for detailed supervision, both in team as individually.

Candidates are evaluated in these three dimensions, both in their admission to the Program and during the course of it. The relative weight that is given to each dimension varies depending on the moment in which the assessment is made.

Thus, the Admissions Committee has the responsibility of selecting the candidates of the group that show signs of having a greater potential in the indicated dimensions. Throughout the admission process, the Academic Committee evaluates if the candidate demonstrates the intellectual capacity, has acquired the knowledge and has developed the necessary skills to cope with the benefit of the subsequent work.

This review also includes an evaluation of the candidate regarding his personal qualities. The evaluations are carried out based on the three dimensions cited, although the second and third are given more prominence.

Business practices

During the achievement of the Academic Program, independently of the qualifications obtained in the tests and cases, the ten Mentors will evaluate each one of the candidates of the group. Said evaluation will be private and in no case will be notified to any of the candidates of the group during the Program.

This evaluation will allow the Mentor to select one of the ten candidates of the group to perform professional internships under his tutelage. The decision will be previously notified to the Academic Committee and the Board of Directors, and subsequently to the person who has been selected.

In no case will the candidate make the decision of where or with whom he wants to carry out the business practices, and he will not be able to show it to any of his mentors. The candidate who wishes to opt for certain practices can only do so by demonstrating adequate skills, knowledge, and personal qualities suitable for that position.

Other data of interest


The Master PDE in Marketing lasts one academic year, considering the months of August and September as non-teaching months.

The Program starts in the month of October. Students interested in the same can apply for admission tests at any time of the year, for the next edition.


The PDE Master Program in Marketing is taught in a Board Room of the Higher Institute of Business Research (ISIE), which are located at the headquarters of General Arrando 5 Street, Bajo Exterior Izquierda - 28010, Madrid (Spain)


Annual duration program. Classes are taught intensively.

Admission process

If you wish to take the access tests to the program, you must first communicate it by means of the contact form or by email to indicating the program to which you wish to apply, contact information, telephone number and e-mail address. to be able to open the file.

Steps of the Admission Process:

  • Motivation letter and request for access tests
  • Conducting a personal interview
  • Academic record or certificate of being processed
  • A recommendation letter
  • A photo (can be in digital format)
  • Photocopy of the DNI

A member of the admissions department will contact the candidate and if the profile of the applicant is suitable, it will specify the realization of the entrance exams.

Course program

  • Module 0: Leveling
  • Module 1: Competitive scenario
  • Module 2: Marketing fundamentals
  • Module 3: Strategic Marketing
  • Module 4: Product and price
  • Module 5: Commercial distribution
  • Module 6: Advertising
  • Module 7: Non-conventional media
  • Module 8: Direct and relational marketing
  • Module 9: Digital marketing and electronic commerce
  • Module 10: Quality and service
  • Module 11: International Marketing
  • Module 12: Commercial organization and sales techniques
  • Module 13: Management and management of sales teams
  • Module 14: Legal framework
Program taught in:

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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019
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July 31, 2020
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Oct 2019

Application deadline
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July 31, 2020