It provides students with the knowledge and techniques to prepare them to produce audiovisual works in any format. Pupils will learn about and perform the work of the director and of the other members of the filmmaking team in the preparation, filming and post-production processes. They will also obtain overall knowledge of the tasks performed by the other members of a production team involved in audiovisual works: director of photography, art director, editor, sound designer, etc. All this knowledge and skills will be acquired through continued practical work in audiovisual narrative exercises. The course also includes theoretical subjects that, using film as a permanent basis, cover various areas of contemporary audiovisual art, from the most innovative trends in current cinema to a historic-cultural insight into Spanish film over the past twenty years.

“You meet people with the same concerns and in an environment based on practical work in groups. Everything is done as a team with a division of labour that lets you find your place.” Bernat Vilaplana, A graduate from ESCAC, Editing specialty (Three Goya awards for best Editing for A Monster Calls / The Impossible / Pan’s Labyrinth)

Target Audience

  • Graduates from the field of communication, humanities, art and design.
  • Professionals from the film or audio-visual sector wishing to learn more about filmmaking.


  • Knowing and being able to use audiovisual language mechanisms to tell a story.
  • Performing all the work of a director when producing audiovisual work: planning, implementing and supervising the different production processes.
  • Having sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of the work of the other departments involved in producing audiovisual work (director of photography, art director, editor, sound, etc.)
  • Being able to work in a team to produce audiovisual work, cooperating with the other team members and heading a joint project.
  • Being mature and having strict analytical standards in self-assessing the work performed, both personally and for a team as a whole.


  • Practice in audiovisual narrative
  • Audiovisual techniques I
  • Audiovisual techniques II
  • Film studies I: film analysis
  • Film studies II: trends and aesthetics in contemporary cinema
  • Film studies III: Spanish cinema: from Almodóvar to the present day
  • Technical training

Teaching method

1. Learning-by-doing

The course is based on the “learning by doing” method: students undertake several practical audiovisual narrative sessions throughout the course, into which they integrate the conceptual and technical knowledge acquired.

2. Practical work

Students are split into teams of four. Each student is responsible for his or her practical work as a director and, furthermore, must take an active part in the roles different to that of the director while filming the practical work of their group members. Possibility of filming different extracurricular group projects over the weekend, provided they have the approval of the course tutor.

3. Theoretical Subjects

In the theoretical subjects, classroom debate will be encouraged based on joint viewings in a seminar format. The purpose of these subjects is to provide students with references of contemporary audiovisual works and to help them develop their own rhetoric on the images and current cinema based on analytical work that may be either written or in the form of an oral presentation or an audiovisual video essay.

Admission requirements

Course applicants must pass a selection process and meet the (administrative) requirements to study in Spain.

How to apply

Applicants must send the following documents using the pre-enrolment form available on the ESCAC website:

  • Statement (maximum of 600 words)
  • Synopsis of a short film
  • 5 original photographs, created by the applicant
Program taught in:
  • English

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Jan 13, 2020
1 year
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Jan 13, 2020
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Dec 20, 2020
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Jan 13, 2020

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One Year Filmmaking I ESCAC (Barcelona)