Energy has become one of the most important inputs to ensure the competitiveness of companies, and therefore the generation of jobs, within an international context of high competition.

The Master of Science with specialization in Energy Engineering allows its students to become specialists in topics such as efficient use of electrical and thermal energy, quality of electrical energy, analysis of electrical networks applied to the industrial sector and the national electrical system, design of power electronics for the control of large wind generators, solar farms and motor control. You can do technical-economic studies on advantages and disadvantages of the different electricity generation systems available such as combined cycles, wind, solar, biomass generation, and understand the business opportunities in those areas. Topics such as Smart Grids, distributed generation, FACTS, SVC, are constantly growing within the master's degree.

Addressed to

Electrical, mechanical, chemical, physical, mechatronic and similar engineers.

Objective of the program

Train specialists in the major issues of the national energy sector and apply their knowledge in the new strategic areas of high labor demand, such as the efficient use of energy, clean energy, distributed generation, power electronics, converters electronics, electric vehicles, generation, transmission and traditional distribution and their migration to Smart Grids.


The Master of Science in Engineering is a program composed of 4 semesters and 4 concentration areas.

  • Period : Half-yearly
  • Start : January and August
  • No. of subjects : 13 subjects
  • Duration: 2 years

Course stamp (choose one)

  • Leadership for sustainable development
  • Leadership for business innovation

Basic courses (choose two)

  • Computational simulations
  • Matrix algebra and optimization
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Applied Statistics
  • Partial differential equations
  • Computational methods in engineering

Fundamental course

  • Efficient use of electric power
  • Regulation and financing of energy resources
  • Cogeneration and alternative sources of energy

Research courses

  • Research and innovation methods
  • Thesis I
  • Thesis II

Optional courses (choose four according to area)

  • Optional I - IV

Specialty areas

Renewable energy

  • Foundations and applications of wind energy
  • Biorefineries and sustainable use of biomass
  • Technologies for material and energy reuse
  • Solar energy applications
  • Selected topics of renewable energies

Thermal Engineering

  • Advanced thermodynamics
  • Fundamentals of combustion and energy audits
  • Advanced fluid mechanics
  • Computerized fluid dynamics
  • Efficient use of energy in buildings
  • Advanced heat transfer

Electric engineering

  • Electronic power control
  • Control of electrical machines
  • Instrumentation
  • Quality of electric power
  • Industrial electrical systems
  • Transients in electrical power systems
  • Electrical equipment design elements

Graduate profile

The students of the Master of Science with a specialization in Energy Engineering are young, having a solid background in basic engineering, seeking to acquire advanced knowledge and perform challenging projects that allow them to make a significant contribution to the industrial sector of the country. Throughout the program they have the opportunity to link up with the main companies in the energy sector, both public and private, interact with the most outstanding technologists and carry out a thesis work that is a real contribution to national development.

Admission requirements

  • Have a professional degree in engineering or related areas.
  • Have obtained an average equal to or higher than 85/100 or its equivalent in their professional studies.
  • Present the Admission Test to Postgraduate Studies (PAEP) of the Tecnológico de Monterrey and obtain a score equal to or higher than 550 points.
  • Academic interview with the program director.
  • Submit an application for admission accompanied by all the required documents.

MIE graduate opinion

"I witnessed the excellent relationship between the faculty, companies in the energy sector and challenging projects, linked to the solution of real problems in the industrial sector, that students perform and that allow them, upon graduation, to obtain excellent job opportunities. I was also fortunate to be awarded a scholarship by one of those companies and today I work in it. " David Rivas

Benefits of studying this program

  • Electricity, mechanics, chemistry, electronics and computer converge in this program to train professionals with solid knowledge that facilitates the understanding of new technologies.
  • Strong industrial linkage with excellent work experience.
  • Program constantly updated to incorporate new business opportunities in the energy sector.
  • The Tecnológico de Monterrey has accreditations such as: SACS, CIEES, SEP and CONACYT.

This program has 13 subjects

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Jan 2020
2 years
38,100 USD
Price per subject: US $ 34 008; Total price: US $ 408 096
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Jan 2020
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Jan 2020

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