Master of Science in Human Capital

ADEN campus Guatemala

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Master of Science in Human Capital

ADEN campus Guatemala



  • Enhance the technical and human profile with managerial and strategic leadership for effective human resource management skills.
  • Advise organizations on human resource management, performing diagnostics and action alternatives.
  • Develop strategic human resource plans aligned to business management.
  • Develop management tools and make your application.
  • Monitor cultural changes, develop organizational values ​​and competencies.
  • Advising managers and teams responsible for the exercise of its role of driving.
  • Determine the needs of structure, positions and profiles of the organization.
  • Driving the process of search and selection of staff and appropriate socialization to the company.
  • Design, implement and monitor development plans and training.
  • Develop tools for management and performance evaluation.
  • Perform control human resource management, preparing reports and contributions for senior management.
  • Participate with the company in analyzing results and organizational strategic replanning.


Professionals who have decided to strengthen the projection of its profile, gaining a comprehensive and systematic view of human resource management.


  • Master in HR · E-learning
  • BUSINESS PLAN · Presencial or E-learning
  • END OF MASTER WORK (TFM) · E-learning


University of California at Irvine - Extension and ADEN International Business School, awarded Human Resources Specialization certificate Managementt (^) to meet the requirements of the program jointly.

Upon completion and approval completed the Master of Science in Human Capital issued by Swiss Business School (Switzerland) 1 is obtained.

(^) Certificate of continuing education, which does not imply title or degree, to be issued in USA.
(1) Title issued in Switzerland. online mode with optional support classroom actions.


The Master of Science in Human Capital program is designed for an online completed extensive flexitime.

ADEN has developed an interactive learning pedagogical model called MODEL TRANSFER PERICLES, that enables the transfer of knowledge acquired to the workplace with a practical approach; developed an interactive virtual community with a classroom supplement.

The main engine of teaching - learning is given a context where the student is constantly challenged, motivated and accompanied by a permanent interactivity with specialists in charge of each subject.

Participants to enter the platform, should address the following activities weekly:

  • Analyze the readings and conduct research and development activities related to them.
  • Analyze and respond multimedia material associated questionnaires.
  • Study the proposed case studies and propose solutions.
  • Participate in forums, providing views with theoretical and practical foundation.
  • Interacting with bandmates, make decisions and implement them in the simulator.
  • Participate in integrating videoconferencing and virtual workshops with specialists.

Teacher / student and student / student interaction has been raised synchronously, asynchronously in the face and in the virtual; ie teachers and students may or may not match the hours of entry to the platform and similarly, interact constantly while solving all the queries.

Meanwhile, program evaluation consists of multiple-choice tests in online mode and integrators cases recorded in the virtual community.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish
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This course is Online & Campus Combined
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Start date
Feb. 2019
Sept. 2019
Full time
Guatemala - Guatemala City, Guatemala Department
Start date : Feb. 2019, Sept. 2019
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Feb. 2019, Sept. 2019
Guatemala - Guatemala City, Guatemala Department
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