Master of project management


Program Description

Master of Project Management

It is the only executive program of innovation management, since it is the only one that is oriented to high profiles.

Designed in conjunction with the Information Technology Foundation (FTI) and AMETIC and sponsored by TELEFÓNICA and INDRA, this program prepares you for:

• Promote innovative environments and assess the impact on the organization, value chain, market and users, from a business perspective.

• Manage projects, both individually and in cooperation.

• Know the sources of financing, fiscal measures and intellectual property.

• Acquiring management skills in this environment.

It is a high-level program of innovation management by combining:

o Professors, the greatest experts in innovation of companies and public administrations (MITYC, MICINN and CDTI),

o Students, managers of SMEs highly specialized in innovation and managers of large technology corporations linked to the strategy of the company


MODULE 0: Introduction. Innovation eTIC Cooperate - Compete in a globalized world.

MODULE 1: Innovation in eTIC Companies and analysis of the environment.

• Company Policy

• Introduction to Innovation in eTic.

• Innovation in the organization of companies.

• Tools for the management of Innovation.

• R & D & I management systems.

• Industrialization of Ideas.

• Entrepreneurial initiative and creation of companies.

• Digital marketing.

• Analysis of innovative experiences in the Company.

MODULE 2: The Innovation Project

• Project Management in the Organization.

• Innovation projects in tactical and strategic cooperation.

MODULE 3: Financing, taxation and protection of innovation.

• Financial Economic Management.

• National Public R & D & i Funding

• International Public R & D & i Financing

• Other Sources of Financing for R & D & I

• Taxation of R & D & I

• Protection of Innovation.

MODULE 4: Skills Seminars.

MODULE 5: Opportunities and impact of eTic in other sectors.

Last updated September 2017

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