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Program Description

The Master International Management, now in its 25th edition, is the training course in General Management that provides the techniques and methodologies typical of economics and business management with a particular focus on business internationalization, aimed at young graduates who intend to acquire knowledge and skills required to operate in international contexts .

It is organized by CIS - School for business management of Unindustria Reggio Emilia which has been operating for over 30 years in the training and development of human capital in the Emilia area.

The Master is designed on the basis of the professional needs expressed by companies with an international vocation in the Emilia area, which collaborate with CIS also in the selection and evaluation phase of applications for the internship and subsequent job placement.

Why choose the Master?

  • High employment opportunities at the end.
  • Confindustria network that guarantees concrete possibilities of contact with companies in a territory rich in businesses.
  • Partnership with international organizations and companies aimed at promoting virtual mobility activities and internships abroad .
  • Advantageous participation fees thanks to the support of sponsoring companies .

"The ambition for excellence, continuous improvement, the will to set ever higher performance standards and the focus on the customer are the key principles of the most successful organizations.

Today's professional world, in a liquid universe dominated by artificial intelligence, will be totally different in a few years; it will make a difference who, by investing in their soft skills, will maintain the ability to look beyond the boundaries of their knowledge, learning to have fun even outside their comfort zone.

The CIS Master looks, with concreteness, innovative capacity and competence in this direction. "

Claudio Galli
Kohler Group Human Resources Director


The program

The course is full time and involves a total duration of 1500 hours spread over 12 months.

In-Class Training

  • 750 hours of lectures, case studies, team working. Extensive use of business cases and simulations is expected, as well as 100 hours of testimonials from entrepreneurs and managers of companies working with foreign countries.
  • Accounting and administration
  • Management control
  • Finance and credit
  • Leadership and tools for personal development
  • Business organization, human resources management and organizational behavior
  • Marketing and sales
  • Production and logistics
  • Corporate internationalization policies and tools

On The Job Training

  • 750 hours of experience in the company with the activation of internships within important production companies in the Emilia area or at foreign branches of local and non-local companies. In this phase, an analysis and research activity in the field is foreseen through the preparation of project work in response to business challenges.

Lessons will start in November 2020 including the internship period, the course will end by December 2021.

Attendance at lessons is mandatory.


The goal is to train young graduates for an insertion in companies with an international vocation, covering positions of responsibility in the various company functions . It intends to provide, in particular, tools and methodologies typical of the economy and management of activities aimed at the internationalization of business, marketing and sales, logistics and production, organization and human resources, management control.

Through the partnership with the UC Leuven University - Limburg (Brussels) the second university college of Belgium, which boasts over 30 study programs, 14,000 students a year from different continents and specializes in study programs in Management and Technology, we participate in a virtual mobility project "Working Across Borders" aimed at developing international skills and in particular intercultural, linguistic, personal development.

The placement percentage is 90% (employment outcome six months after the end of the Master)

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The realization of the Master involves the intervention of teachers with skills that relate to a wide range of research, teaching and operational experiences: university professors and exponents of the academic world, consultants and business executives , as well as qualified entrepreneurs engaged in a continuous manner in research, management and training.

"The teachers guarantee a high-level preparation, enriched by frequent testimonies from exponents of the world of work. I believe that this master has been an important advantage for my current employment at a multinational such as Tetra Pak. An aspect that I want to emphasize and that I consider vital to extricate yourself in the current market is the possibility of creating networks: exploit it! "

Elia Baldelli
Graduated in economics from Bocconi and now employed in Tetra Pak.
He attended the Master International Management.

How to register

Take part in the selections

For admission it is necessary to take a selection test, which consists of passing aptitude tests, tests for the assessment of knowledge of the English language, an interview with the coordinator of the master and manager of the sponsoring companies.

Costs and facilities

The registration fee for the master is € 7,500 + VAT.

Candidates who, during the selection phase, are among the first 20 places, will be able to take advantage of a scholarship offered by the sponsoring companies.

The references are:
Tel. 0522232993 - 3406434736

"We have been sponsoring the Master International Management promoted and organized by CIS for 5 years . The gap between the world of education and the world of work is highlighted on several fronts , young people who enroll in the Master can really count on a transversal training at 360 ° and subsequently with the internship they enter the company, they live it day by day, breathing in the various working dynamics.

It is always an exciting experience when we are offered to host young people who are successfully attending the Master, who will they be? Which routes will they come from?

It is important to be able to give these young people an opportunity for professional and personal growth like this and we are happy to be able to do it through the collaboration with the CIS. "

Giuditta Grisendi
Human Resources Manager Interpuls Spa

Last updated Sep 2020

About the School

CIS is the training and consultancy company of Unindustria Reggio Emilia. Cis organises, develops and manages counselling and training activities for enterprises, up-skilling of young people to facili ... Read More

CIS is the training and consultancy company of Unindustria Reggio Emilia. Cis organises, develops and manages counselling and training activities for enterprises, up-skilling of young people to facilitate their entrance into the labour market. Read less
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