Interior architecture, a major discipline of design, covers all the interior design of private or public spaces. In the wake of architectural training, the interior designer is a leader trained in project management and the organization of work teams, in compliance with both legislation and standards as well as deadlines. and costs. Creator of objects and designer of spaces, his role of master of work guarantees him the consecration of his creations.

It is in this context that we offer theoretical and practical training in Interior Architecture to train interior designers, Designers, Project Managers, Project Managers, Creative Directors, Scenographers, Decorators. Today, to be persuasive, the interior designer must be able to immerse his client in the virtual realism of a captivating 3D simulation, by the quality of his decal of the perceptible, disturbing, by his simulacrum of the real. For this, the student must master all the techniques of visual representations and interactivities that provide the new digital interfaces at the crossroads of graphic design and digital technology.

Terms of Access

Admission in first year M1 is open to graduates from various university institutions specializing in Fine Arts, Arts and Crafts, Interior Design and Architecture, Photography, Graphic Design, Multimedia or related disciplines with a degree or diploma equivalent./>

For who?

The candidate must have for vocation the service of others and justify important qualities such as:/>

  • Direction of contact
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Dynamism
  • Sense of organization
  • Enthusiasm


1st year

Semester 1
  • Applied project methodology 1
  • Technical Applications 1Applied Graphics 1
  • Reading and analysis of design 1
  • History of design 1
  • Marketing and communication technology 1
  • English Applied 1
  • Theoretical and practical seminar on the protection of the built heritage 1
    • Applied project methodology 2
    • Technical applications 2
    • Applied computer graphics 2
    • Reading and analysis of design 2
    • History of design 2
    • Marketing and communication technology 2
    • English Appliqué 2
    • Theoretical and Practical Seminar on the Protection of Built Heritage 2

2nd year

Semester 1
  • Applied project methodology 3
  • Technical applications 3
  • Computer graphics applied to the project
  • Materials, innovation and creativity
  • Production Technologies
  • Professional Management and Organization
  • English Applied 3
  • Methodological approach
    • Internship in a professional organization

Academic and professional perspectives of the course/>

Academic opportunities/>

A graduate of architecture has the opportunity to continue his studies as part of a postgraduate degree in Tunisia or abroad./>

Career opportunities/>

An architecture graduate has the opportunity to be a:/>

  • Employee or associate in an integrated design department
  • Project director
  • Artistic director
  • Creator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
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