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The field of user experience, accessibility and usability have gained importance in recent years due to the great evolutionary leaps of products. The user-device relationship is constantly evolving and developing companies looking for new styles of interaction that surprise and fidelicen its users.

To achieve a satisfying user experience technical quality of a product is not enough. The factors that motivate and satisfy users often depend on emotional, aesthetic or functional aspects that can be difficult to detect by trial and error.

As he Master in UX (User eXperience) as the Graduate UX whose main objective is to form several profiles most demanded development in job vacancies in the sector: "UX Director", "Team Leader in UX", "Interaction Designer", "UI / UX Designer" "Architect Designer", "UX Consultant" or "User Experience developer". For this reason, the type of training provided is fully professionalized and focused on real projects for clients.

The MUX and PUX have a professionalizing nature, so students will carry out a real project user experience for one of the companies listed. When you start the graduate students organized in small groups of multidisciplinary work and assigned a project. Training programs are designed for academic deliverables are really professional, so students will have to answer the same at his client. To do this, they will have the help of specialized tutors with extensive experience in such projects.

The student learning therefore no technical and / or academic aspects is limited but live the experience of carrying out a professional project with a real product market.

What do you prepare?

Students work with the most advanced techniques in usability, accessibility and user experience. They learn to testing with real users and to detect the key to improving and cause evolutionary leaps in product points.

Key points of the Master in UX

  • Training and management of teams UX.
  • Training in Agile UX.
  • Training in budgeting.
  • UX project planning.
  • Knowledge of web analytics.
  • Generation briefings and working papers for project start.
  • Throughout the program monitoring project using Agile UX will be held.

Key points of Master Graduate UX and UX

  • Training students so they can work in the sector.
  • Projects of usability, accessibility and user experience at the professional level: Power to carry out any project usability, accessibility and user experience for all types of product or customer.
  • Acquisition of knowledge in the field of usability and accessibility: Knowledge of rules and regulations on usability and accessibility for application in the development of media products.
  • Methods and techniques for evaluating the user experience: learn to determine the time to apply each technique and the type of result you can expect from each.
  • Defining user-centric products: Define centric products and user experience services.
  • The selection of technical and content of the educational program were carried out by experts in research so that students can apply cutting-edge methods in practice.

To whom it May concern?

Input Profile

During this edition the evaluation of a web product is made, the input profile are developers, designers and psychologists interested in exploring the practical application of different methodologies and career advancement. The program does not require an academic profile specific income, tools and technical knowledge not require specialized prior knowledge because of the great heterogeneity of disciplines related to usability and user experience.

Output Profile

Students will be able to carry out any project usability, accessibility and user experience. This program is designed taking into account the professional requirements required in this field. Once the graduate completed students may choose to lead and manage teams UX, to make budgets UX, interpret web analytics and have the necessary technical resources to work internationally in skilled positions in the field of usability and user experience .

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Sep 2019
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