Master in management of social assistance policy in the context of the single social assistance system - its


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Differentials Course

This course sensu post-graduation, "Management of Social Assistance Policy in YOUR Context", stands out precisely in the context of the implementation challenges of a new paradigm of the management of social assistance, as well, its programs, projects, services and benefits, and is proposed in order to contribute with managers and technicians by developing knowledge and the development of specific technical skills in concern to public policy screen.


General: train managers and technical experts for the implementation of the Unified Social Assistance System (ITS), both within the state and within the municipalities, according to the new guidelines contained in the National Policy for Social Assistance - PNAS, and the Basic Operational Norms NOB / ITS and NOB-RH / ITS.

specific: • train professionals for planning, management implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs, projects, services and benefits within the scope of the Welfare Policy and ITS; • allow deepening knowledge level of Public Policy for Social Assistance in view of the improvement of technical skills.


top-level professionals who work or wish to work under the Social Assistance Policy.


The course will be developed through various teaching strategies such as: dialogued lectures, workshops, texts discussions, seminars, teamwork, directed studies, documentary exhibition, in order to allow active student participation in the construction of your knowledge. The methodologies worked favor the development of a didactic-pedagogic practice that encourages the participation of all (the) students (as) in discussion and debate, critical reflection around content taught and understanding of such content.

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