Master In Luxury business Management (EBS Geneva, Switzerland)


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Program Description

This Master’s Degree enables you to obtain a double certification from EBS Genève and CREA. INSEEC U.

This program is also available in full online version.

A full understanding of the of the new dynamics applied to luxury

In a fast moving environment where Luxury borders are being challenged and blurred, this program will give a full understanding of the new dynamics applied to Luxury. The International Master in Luxury Business Management has been conceived to offer students a solid and accurate understanding of the Luxury world, taking into strong consideration its new rules strongly related to new consumer’s perception, challenges for retail environment as well as online services and CRM. Analysis will span from hard luxury into services, ranging from travelling into food and beverage.

This course allows students to grow within the field of Brand management and markets understanding of what luxury will be tomorrow. Students will understand that it is not current thinking of today that will help but moreover to anticipate what is required for the future.
Through savvy technology and modern skills & methodologies, students will be able to define the core principals of driving ahead within the industry. 

Course Program

Luxury Branding

  • Brand Equity & Guidelines
  • Brand Management
  • Intellectual Property, Patents, Antitrust
  • Sustainability

Management & Leadership

  • Organization & Committees
  • HR & Talent sourcing
  • Performance, Reporting, Delegation
  • Brainstorming techniques
  • Agile project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Business intelligence & Art of Negotiation
  • Budget & Finance

Business Development

  • Profit & Loss
  • Product Strategy
  • Clients data, knowledge & focus
  • Merge & Acquisition
  • Manufacturing & Sourcing


  • Distribution & Key locations
  • Customer relationship & single vision
  • Retail & E-Commerce


  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Shipping
  • Packaging
  • Processes


  • Connected object
  • IT, Cloud & cybersecurity
  • New digital business platforms
  • In-store management & digital tools
  • Data, AI, Bots
  • Blockchain


  • Omnichannel & B to B
  • Mobile App
  • Digital Services
  • Trends & Media Evolution

Workshops & Travel

During this Master course, students will have the opportunity to work on actual projects during workshop sessions and apply the knowledge that they have acquired in actual company assignments. By going to places, they will also have the opportunity to discover and interact with companies and understand what their current key challenges are.

Marketing, Digital media and style are transversal and transfuse the whole of the program

Programme in collaboration with CREA INSEEC U

Located in Geneva, one of the most important Luxury platform, hosting well known luxury brands also means being in the optimal place to observe the best practices as well as the opportunity to meet with some of the most important managers in this business.

From a product excellence culture, Luxury has shifted to a worldwide distribution and digital culture, where customer experience is key and distribution networks are strongly connected. The curriculum is designed to give you the theoretical knowledge for managerial excellence, whilst a practice perspective within the program enables you to test knowledge gained and skills learned in the classroom

To embrace this new complexity, the program is articulated around three main modules, each complementing the other:
Branding and Image, Culture and Creation, Connected Consumer Experience. We prepare future leaders to be multi tasking, capable of blending an in-depth understanding of today’s situation with a coherent vision for tomorrow.

Intense lifetime experience that maximizes learning opportunities in a limited scope of time. It is a one-year program with a practical and innovative curriculum, catering the realities of the ever-changing business by encouraging students to always have a critical perspective going beyond conventional business models and look at tomorrow with its challenges and opportunities. Full time program from Monday to Thursday, the course is articulated around three main content pillars:

  • Branding & Image
  • Connected Consumer Experience
  • Culture & Creation

Next session M1: October 2021

Next session M2: 8th March 2021

120 ECTS Credits

M1 will come with an option of distance learning for international students due to the current situation

A "Placement & Business" Centre will be available for students

A Campus Abroad

Study with us and grab the oppurtunity to get certified from EBS Geneva & CREA INSEEC U

EBS Geneva: EBS Geneva is located on the CREA INSEEC U. Campus in the heart of Geneva. Both modern and user-friendly, this central site has been designed to combine academic success and quality of life.

CREA INSEEC U: Founded in 1975 in Bordeaux, INSEEC has developed over the past 40 years into a group of 16 schools, offering generalist and specialist programs in Management, Finance, Marketing, Communication, Digital, Luxury, Wine & Spirits. These programs are offered on 9 campuses in Europe, in the United States and online. Located in the heart of vibrant cities such as Paris, London, San Francisco and Shanghai, by the seaside like in Monaco or Bordeaux, or close to the Alps in Lyon, Chambery, and Geneva, INSEEC provides its 15,000 students the opportunity to study from Bachelor to MSc, MBA or DBA, settling itself as an uncontested leader in the French Private Higher Education sector. CREA is a leading educational establishment in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Digital Marketing and Art Direction. Each year, more than 450 students take courses at the school, delivered by the best Swiss and international lecturers. CREA currently offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, available full-time or as executive courses for professionals, as well as continuing education short courses in the form of certified programs. CREA focuses its development on excellence in the following areas – Creation, Digital & Innovation, Luxury, and Sport.

Modern and attractive Infrastructure

  • A real platform for exchanges and initiatives, the campus is organized to combine academic success and quality of life.
  • A space dedicated to 600m2 workshops
  • A wifi network covering the entire campus
  • A restaurant area
  • Spaces for relaxation and conviviality

Entrance Exam

  • No admission test required.
  • Each application will be reviewed by course management.
  • The school reserves the right to accept or reject a candidate for any reason.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
  • Fluent English

Master I – Program

  • Period: October, 2021 – February, 2022
  • Teaching, workshops, e-learning: about 450 hours
  • Program length: 5 months full time
  • Course fees: 9000 €
  • An option of distance learning for the semester for international students (Who cannot obtain visas or face travel issues) due to the pandemic

Master II – Program

  • Period: March 8th, 2021 – June 24th, 2021 + Internship + Thesis
  • Teaching, workshops, e-learning: About 500 hours
  • Internship and personal work for Master’s thesis
  • Program length: 5 months full time + 5 months internship
  • Course fees: 10500 € (including 1 trip in Europe)


Job opportunities

This Master program will allow you to acquire a high level of commitment, competence, and responsibility.

  • International, Sale
  • CRM
  • Product Manager
  • E-Commerce
  • Merchandising
  • Distribution
  • Business Analyst
  • Market Manager
  • Marketing Operation Manager

Director’s Vision

The pillars of tomorrow's luxury are already entrenched. We must now ensure that we can develop them effectively through new models and ensure that the future of tomorrow is already built today.

Duration & Location

18 months with a 5-month internship. Classes will be held in EBS Geneva, Switzerland

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About the School

CREA is a leading educational establishment in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Digital Marketing and Art Direction.

CREA is a leading educational establishment in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Digital Marketing and Art Direction. Read less