The Master of Science in Science and Technology Geological lasts two years and confers the academic title of master's degree. For graduation, students must obtain 120 credits.

The ordinary period for the conduct of educational activities is established for each AA between 1 October and 30 June. The educational activities each year is divided into two semesters: usually the first starts the first week of October, according to the first week of March.

E 'request frequency for each individual teaching of at least 60% of the hours of teaching and 80% of the hours required for laboratory and / or soil. For students engaged in part-time must attend at least for the practical-applicative activities. The signatures of the frequency control is by the individual teacher.

The degree program is structured with a first year in which they are addressed teachings characterize the main scientific areas (SSD) of Geology, by GEO / GEO 01/08. The teachings of the second year round areas of Earth Sciences with the teachings of integrative disciplines which allow to give students a broader view of the scope of Earth Sciences.

There will be 12 credits of educational activities chosen by the student. In addition, 6 credits are dedicated to training activities to be carried out in public and / or private organizations to acquire and / or improve knowledge about the educational objectives of the degree course. The final exam consists in the presentation, in open court before a Commission, a report drawn up by the student.

The degree program has the specific training objective the acquisition of advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of Earth Sciences that allow the graduate direct access to the world of work. In addition to the exercise of the profession of Geologist, after the state exam, the graduates will find jobs in public institutions, laboratories and research centers, companies and professional firms in various fields of Earth Sciences.

According to the ISTAT classification, the degree prepares for the following professions: - Geologists - Paleontologists - Geophysicists - Hydrologists


  • Stratigraphy of sedimentary basins
  • Regional Geology and Petrology of Crystalline (1)
  • Applied Hydrogeology and instability of slopes (1)
  • Micropaleontology applied (2)
  • Geoarchaeology (2)
  • Applied Geomorphology (2)
  • environmental mineralogy (2)
  • Hydrogeochemistry (2)
  • Tectonics and Geodynamics (2)
  • geophysical techniques for the characterization of materials
  • geotechnical
  • Optional Courses
  • training
  • Final exam (Thesis)

(1) Required Courses (2) specific courses of field; between the teachings that characterize the area, students must follow four courses: 1 Scope A (GEO / 01 GEO / 02 and GEO / 03), 1 field B (GEO / 04 and GEO / 05) and 2 of area C (GEO / 06 GEO / 07 and GEO / 08).

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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019
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