Master in Engineering engineering computer networks and telecommunications

ESIEE Amiens

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Master in Engineering engineering computer networks and telecommunications

ESIEE Amiens

Master of Engineering Engineering Computer Networks and Telecommunications


Training in the ESIEE-Amiens is divided into a core curriculum of three years, followed by 'an option of specializing in two years.

3 years to discover two years to access the Job

The core curriculum is defined by a broad training, balanced and practical in Science and Science 's Engineer. It is based on an understanding of the multidisciplinary profession of Engineering and provides practical realities 's business through projects and internships.

A project-based learning that allows to understand the business issues

Following the Common Core, round off the last 2 years 's future employability by engineer ' s assimilation of its professional skills and know-being company.


Engineering of Computer Networks and Telecommunications

Train engineers who can design, implement, operate, develop and secure a computer network or telecommunications

A 's After training, the engineer ESIEE Amiens-known implement, secure, and monitor computer networks and includes issues ' s operating networks 'operators.


If you fancy 'be able to:

  • Understand the existing communication protocols, to implement or adapt to the needs of the company
  • Model, design, implement, develop the architecture 's computer network
  • Install, configure, secure, and monitor the workstations and servers and telephone customer 's business
  • Understanding the mechanisms of transmission of data over a network: signal processing, coding, compression and encryption
  • Understanding how networks 'operators, suppliers ' s fixed and mobile access, to 'ensure their operations and evolve their architecture

What opportunities?

  • Engineer 's research and development in computer networks: network architect, consultant, integrator networks, network administrator ...
  • Manager 's operating system, telecommunications consultant, administrator ToIP / VoIP, Telecom buyer ...
  • Administrators 'computing equipment, systems consultant ' s information, analyst programmer ...

Which sectors of activity?

Whatever its industry 's activity, every company has a computer network, a telecommunications network and a system of information. Depending on its size and its strategy, it will have a team 's engineers or dedicated networks will use a service company.

In both cases, the engineer ESIEE-Amiens can claim his skills in the implementation, the operation and upgrade of these networks.

Training Modules

Semester 8

  • Network architecture (72 hours)
  • Network protocols (54 hours)
  • Computer systems (34 hours)
  • Network applications (58 hours)
  • Telecommunications (62 hours)
  • Proposed realization of a network application (24 hours)

From an existing protocol (HTTP, FTP, MSN, SNMP, IMAP, ...) the project led to the realization of an application (client and / or server) using one or more protocols and / or providing a security role , supervision, network control

Semester 9


  • Mobile radio communications (32 hours)
    Convergence phone - computer (22 hours) Network Administration (28 hours)
  • Protocols operators (24 hours)
  • Administration Project & r EACUyou; bucket (20 hours)

In pairs, students carry out a complete telephone and computer network: installation of workstations, servers, services, securing the entire network, watches over the networks of other pairs

8 and 9 semesters

Cisco CCNA ESIEE-Amiens is Cisco Regional Academy.

We offer our students to take the Cisco CCNA Exploration curriculum, certification widely recognized by industry:

- Network Fundamentals

- Routing protocols and concepts

- LAN Switching and Wireless

- Accessing the WAN

This school offers programs in:
  • French
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Sept. 2019
3 - 5 years
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France - Amiens, Hauts-de-France
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
France - Amiens, Hauts-de-France
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