Master in Electrical Engineering Engineering and Sustainable Development

ESIEE Amiens

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Master in Electrical Engineering Engineering and Sustainable Development

ESIEE Amiens

Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Sustainable Development


Training in the ESIEE-Amiens is divided into a core curriculum of three years, followed by 'an option of specializing in two years.

3 years to discover two years to access the Job

The core curriculum is defined by a broad training, balanced and practical in Science and Science 's Engineer. It is based on an understanding of the multidisciplinary profession of Engineering and provides practical realities 's business through projects and internships.

A project-based learning that allows to understand the business issues

Following the Common Core, round off the last 2 years 's future employability by engineer ' s assimilation of its professional skills and know-being company.


Electrical Engineering and Sustainable Development

Train engineers capable of mastering new technologies Electric Power and their use within the constraints of sustainable development.

This option 's general knowledge, scientific and technical, necessary to master new technology ' s power and their use in modern fields of electrical engineering, while integrating the constraints and standards of the Sustainable Development .


If you fancy 'be able to:

  • Analyze, design and integrate electrical systems by incorporating aspects of Sustainable Development,
  • Choose the source of energy most appropriate, taking into account the criterion of preservation 's environmental and economic constraints, protect an electrical system and its environment against various disturbances,
  • Develop electric models, mathematical and geometrical and electrical systems,
  • Manage projects by controlling the electrical energy needs and economic constraints

What opportunities?

  • Engineers Research & DéveloppementIngénieurs 's integration
  • Engineers Method
  • Engineers Application
  • Engineers dependability, diagnostics and maintenance
  • Engineers 's business: design, management and project tracking

Which sectors of activity?

The option GEDD, the quality of education, employability facilitates remaining open on the evolution of industrial activity and research.

  • Electrical construction and rail, energy (generation, transmission, distribution and use)
  • The electronics, telecommunications and defense,
  • The automotive, aerospace,
  • Control and monitoring, automation and supervision of industrial complexes.


Training Modules


Semesters 7 and 8

  • Power Electronics (70 hours)
  • Electrical Energy & Communications (68 hours)
  • Electrical Machines (48 hours)
  • News Sources 's Energy (24 hours)
  • GEDD projects (32 hours)
  • Control systems (152 hours)
  • Automated Systems and Supervision (108 hours)
  • Elective modules (16 hours)
  • Languages ​​& Humanities (88 hours)
  • Engineer internship (500 hours or 3 months old)

Semesters 9 and 10

  • Electric and Hybrid Drives (68 hours)
  • Quality Energy (44 hours)
  • Electromagnetic modeling and Thermic (28 hours)
  • GEDD projects and seminars (24 hours)
  • Process control (32 hours)
  • Elective modules (16 hours)
  • Languages ​​& Humanities (120 hours)
  • Final Project 's Studies (875 hours or 6 months)
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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Sept. 2019
3 - 5 years
Full time
France - Amiens, Hauts-de-France
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
France - Amiens, Hauts-de-France
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