From the Master in Design and Project Management program. PMI Certification intend to cover all the skills you need for a professional who wants to perform in the area of ​​project management through the development of the following skills: - Decision making. It is the active selection by a subject necessarily involves a choice between several alternative courses of action, choosing one and rejecting, even momentarily, others.

  • Resource management. Is the ability to use available resources in different situations, with different partners and sometimes staged intensive work without affecting the effectiveness and / or efficiency of work. Proactivity. The ability to quickly take the lead to difficulties or problems that arise in day to day activity.
  • Innovation / Creativity. This competence involves the ability to generate ideas, methods and processes, develop, enrich, subjecting them to criticism and judgment with pragmatism and feasibility criteria, implanting them to build solutions to defined problems or opportunities for innovation in any professional field.
  • Orientation to achievement. The central key to this competition is the inclination to get good results for the organization, even beyond the institutional requirements.
  • Personal Development. Defined as the ability to assess frequency and depth their own behavior and the reality around him. Know your strengths and weaknesses in both the professional and personal points. Change their behavior in order to enhance their strengths and overcome weaknesses in the International Center for Financial Training offer something else to do a Masters in Design and Project Management, as the learning process is not to limit the daily classes, it extends through the different complementary activities we do throughout the year and continues through the experiences of our teachers and classmates.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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