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The coroner is a technical-scientific activity that produces technical evidence through forensic examinations necessary for elucidating crimes provided for in the Criminal Procedure Code. The expert activity is based on the following forensic sciences: chemistry, biology, genetics, geology, accounting, engineering, physics, computer science, medicine, toxicology, dentistry, copy documents, among others, which are constantly evolving. The postgraduate degree in Criminal Expertise and Forensic Sciences University Center Tiradentes (UNIT-AL) in partnership with Expertise Officer Alagoas (Poal) is a unique project, which came to cover a gap for those looking for training and updating the various areas of forensic science in the state of Alagoas. This is an innovative, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary model, covering topics and practices inherent in forensic sciences, never addressed in our state. It is different to be face with a high burden of practical activities, highly gabaritado faculty, formed by official experts masters and doctors from all over Brazil, with professional and research activities aimed at their forensic areas. With the best infrastructure of Alagoas, the UNIT and poal are able to offer this unprecedented and unique opportunity in Alagoas. Do not miss out!


Provide multidisciplinary knowledge required for the performance of expert activities; Perfecting professionals, considering the current context of the labor market in the field of forensic science; Assist for updating the state of the art in the area of ​​forensic science; Have students relevant knowledge for teaching in higher education units.


superior, senior level professionals in any field of knowledge (biomedicine, life sciences, pharmacy, engineering, dentistry, medicine, chemistry, physics, computer science, law, etc.) who wish to exercise or activities in criminal forensics, as well as scholars of science forensic.


Assuming that education is not something to be transmitted, but to be built, the adopted teaching methodology will be based on a critical process of knowledge construction, from boosters shares of the teaching-learning based on pedagogical assumptions defined by the partner institution of the program. To enable learners to develop skills related to technical, scientific and instrumental bases, they will be adopted as a methodological practice active forms of teaching and learning based on personal interaction and group, and teacher's role to create conditions for the integration of students so you can master the socialization process in the construction of knowledge. The nature of the pedagogical practice is the quest, the search, research, reflection, ethics, respect, conscious decision-making, be open to the new, the different working methods. Critical reflection on practice becomes a requirement of the theory-practice relationship because it involves dynamic movement, the dialectic between doing and thinking about doing. From the experience and reflection of this practice, the contextualized teaching, it creates the possibility for the production and / or construction of knowledge, develop tools, schemes or mental postures that can facilitate the acquisition of skills. This means that in educational practice should be sought through the contents and methods, respect the interests of students and the community where they live and build their experiences. Thus, the faculty will be constantly encouraged to use creative methodologies and tools and stimulating to the interrelationship between theory and practice occurs efficiently. This will be guided through the implementation of actions to promote challenges, problems and disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects guided by teachers. Therefore, the proposed teaching strategies have different practices.

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