In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of education the citizens of the Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan have the right to enter BSU Master's degree at the following conditions:

  • from the budget or on a fee basis under the conditions provided for Belarusian citizens;
  • on the conditions provided for foreign citizens temporarily residing / sojourning in the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter - "foreign citizens") on the results of the final certification when developing the content of the educational program training people to enter the Republic of Belarus, institutions of higher education on a fee basis, as well as interviews, establishing the proficiency of Russian language in the amount sufficient for the development of the content of the educational programs of the higher education stage II.

Citizens of other countries can come to terms for "foreigners" for a fee.


The duration of the master BSU is 1-2 years.

For those studying in the higher education program of the first stage and received a diploma of higher education training period - 1 year.

For those enrolled in an undergraduate program and received a bachelor's degree training period - 2 years.

Submission of documents for training

Reception of documents from foreign citizens to study at BSU graduate carried out in the period from 8 July to 1 October.

Foreign citizens visa-free countries come to Belarus and submit documents on education to study at BSU in person, pre-agreed period, specialty, scientific advisor to the leadership of the faculty to which they plan to do.

Foreign citizens visa countries send copies of documents by mail to their prior agreement with the faculty leadership. Copies of education certificates are sent to the University by mail marked "Application for study." Copies of the documents sent by fax or e-mail will not be accepted! training invitations are issued only after review and approval of copies of documents on education with the leadership of the Faculty of Baku State University and receiving commission.

List of documents

For admission to the Master's degree applicants BSU served in the Department of International Relations BSU following documents:

  • statement addressed to the head of the higher education institution in the prescribed form (form on the website of BSU and UMC). Visa country complete a questionnaire on arrival, and a statement issued on arrival in the country;
  • original certificate of education confirming the receipt of a national higher education equivalent to the stage I of higher education in the Republic of Belarus, with a list of studied subjects taken and marks (points) or its annexes;
  • a notarized copy of the Russian translation of the education document confirming the receipt of a national higher education equivalent to the stage I of higher education in the Republic of Belarus, with a list of studied subjects taken and marks (points) or its annexes;
  • original passport;
  • a notarized copy of the translation of the passport into Russian (translation must be made on the territory of the Republic of Belarus);
  • a medical report on the health status and certificate of absence of HIV, issued by an official health authority of the country of which the candidate arrived for study;
  • 4 photos 3 x 4 cm .;
  • Finally, the medical advisory committee, issued by the Republic of Belarus Territorial Health Organization (after passing the mandatory medical examination in the direction of higher education institutions);
  • a certificate of completion of preliminary training faculty, the preparatory department, preparatory courses of higher education institutions (faculties at the end of pre-university training, preparatory department, preparatory courses of higher education institutions).

To the listed documents executed in a foreign language, at the same time accompanied by their translation into Russian, certified by a notary.

The procedure for admission to the BSU

Enrollment in the Belarusian State University master's degree carried out on the basis of the applicant's interview with the faculty administration, determine the degree of knowledge of the Russian language, the appointment of the supervisor and periods of study in the magistracy.

For visa countries with positive harmonizing faculty BSU sent the documents prepares and sends an official invitation to study at the consulate of the Republic of Belarus at the place of residence of the foreign applicant - the basis for a Study Visa. Turnaround time Invitations - 15 days from the date of the positive decision of the selection committee BSU. Interviewing an applicant passes upon arrival in the Republic of Belarus.

Execution and study visa invitation is carried out on a paid basis. Invitation is payable on arrival at the university. Consular fee for student visa to be paid on the spot visa.

Upon completion of training, participants receive internationally recognized Master's degree.

Program taught in:
  • Russian

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