Master in business management and marketing


Program Description

A program for professionals at international level. Aimed at people who hold or are called to occupy the positions and functions of Commercial Marketing Director or Sales

ESEM, with 47 years of activity and development, is the business school specializing in business areas of Sales and Marketing, with recognition in national and international companies.

By our classrooms and programs it has been more than 20,000 students on five continents.


Provide the necessary tools for business development. These tools serve the dual function of Sales and Marketing Management.

With the theoretical methodology - ESEM practice, the student will be provided the adptación to new technologies, as necessary and requested today for a post of Sales, Marketing and Sales Manager.

The practical content of the program, new technologies, quality of teachers and the exchange of experiences of students, makes this program meets the goal of being High Business Quality.

"The philosophy of this Post Grade is learning by doing"

Programme structure

The program takes place over one academic year and a total of six modules. After the titling it will be obtained Master in Business Management and Marketing.


Students should develop practical work on the topics covered in the modules, routing and structuring your thesis. The work will be developed within the school hours of each module and evaluated by teachers. If necessary they will receive tutoring to amend those aspects of the work presented that were not according to the requirements of ESEM in each area. The purpose of the program is to ensure that students understand and master the concepts taught. The philosophy of the program is learning by doing.

  • Attendance: 100% for all classes
  • End of Studies Thesis: At the end of each program, as a synthesis of lessons learned and the work done, teams develop a marketing plan with projection to two years

Marketing Plan constitute the doctoral thesis and will be directed and evaluated by tutors designated for this purpose.

General Services ESEM

On-site ESEM, the student apart from the close relationship with faculty and ESEM equipment, available free from:

  • Job
  • Practices in companies
  • Computer room
  • Study Rooms

Special Services non-EU students

In addition to general services, non-EU students have in ESEM of:

  • Guidance and information for enrollment in the program.
  • necessary documentation requested by the Spanish consulates for processing and obtaining the Visa Studies.
  • Practices in Spanish companies. Incorporation from the sixth month of the start of classes.
  • TIE processing in Madrid.
  • Insurance recruitment in Madrid MAPFRE SEGUROS repatriation and comprehensive health care, by the student for a year.

Addressed to

  • University graduates with professional experience.
  • university graduates with professional experience.
  • Commercial department
  • Marketing department
  • managers

Thematic content


  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Market Analysis and Consumer
  • Product & Pricing
  • CRM: Customer Loyalty
  • Social Networks: Application
  • Comunity Manager: Roles and Responsibilities


  • Advertising
  • Communication plan


  • Commercial negotiation
  • Sales Team Management
  • Sales Forecast

Distribution and Sales Management:

  • merchandising
  • Distribution
  • logistics

Marketing planning:

  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing budgets

Marketing Plan Development Qualification: Master in Business Management and Marketing

Last updated April 2016

About the School

ESEM, es una Escuela de Negocios con programas empresariales Internacionales. Fue creada en Madrid en 1968 con el fin de formar académicamente en las áreas de Marketing, Gestión, Administración y Dire ... Read More

ESEM, es una Escuela de Negocios con programas empresariales Internacionales. Fue creada en Madrid en 1968 con el fin de formar académicamente en las áreas de Marketing, Gestión, Administración y Dirección, a profesionales capaces de satisfacer las necesidades actuales y futuras de la empresa y el mercado. Read less