Master in architecture and interior design


Program Description

  • DATES: From November 2nd to June 30th. Delivery Final Master Project July.
  • SCHEDULE: Classes from Monday to Thursday from 16:00 to 20:00.
  • MODALITY: Face-to-face
  • CREDITS: 90.
  • TITLE CERTIFICATION: Interior designer.
  • CENTRO Y AULAS: Classroom 1.1, Faculty of Fine Arts. Avenida de la Merced SN 37005. Salamanca.
Interior Design


We understand that the best way to learn is to practice, and the best way to become an Interior Architect is to do an Interior Architecture Project as it is done in the professional world.

The Master wants to become a training opportunity that offers new graduates a first contact with the professional world, short-term professionals an opportunity for specialization and long-term professionals an opportunity to reinvent themselves, updating and completing their knowledge.


The first objective of the Master in Architecture and Interior Design is to create professionals capable of developing in the professional world.

The academic year, of face-to-face training, will develop a Course Project through workshops and workshops arranged chronologically and in a similar way to how a professional project is developed. This chronological order requires a commitment on the part of the teachers of availability and coordination. It will start by investigating (information is obtained and analyzed / criticized), a project idea will be generated and represented, later this idea is materialized, and finally the project is communicated.

Each of the Seminar Projects is developed mainly in the Project Workshop, tutoring and personalized correction by experienced professionals linked to the academic field. The training is completed with lectures, lectures, workshops and field visits associated with these workshops.


Throughout the first year, the Master's Project of personalized tutoring, linked to the development of voluntary practices, is developed and finally publicly presented before a court, either in person or by videoconference.


  • Every time the limits between the different formations and the different professions are fading and the Master of the University of Salamanca was born with a clear multidisciplinary vocation.
  • The master's degree is aimed at graduates both Spanish and foreign with interest in Interior Design and Architecture.


  • From the first day will be developed a project of course of Architecture and Interior Design that is the core subject of the Master. Other short-term workshops and workshops will be developed to complete the training in the different areas of interior design.
  • In class, we will work as a real design studio, we will try to realize in reality the projects presented in class.
  • The students will present their deliveries to the teacher and, at the same time, they will participate in competitions to carry out the proposals, with companies and institutions collaborating with the master.
  • As in real life, the performance of works depends on many factors external to the master.


  • History of trends.
  • Projects I. Spatial perception and psychology of interior space.
  • Representation of the project.
  • Design of commercial spaces.
  • Visits. Professional routes.
  • Projects II. Project idea workshop.
  • Building materials and systems. Normative. Landscaping. Facilities.
  • Interior design in historical spaces.
  • Communication.
  • Final Project of Master.


The project Final de master will be developed in the subject of project II. The students will make a proposal before the end of the school period, making it the proposal to present to obtain the title of Interior Designer.

This Master Project will have to be directed by the Tutor of the Course Project. The final work must be publicly exposed to a court of recognized professionals and academics before the end of that academic year, at the end of the academic year (June).

In order to obtain the specific title of "MASTER IN ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN BY THE UNIVERSITY OF SALAMANCA", it is necessary to meet the previous university degree requirements established, to have exceeded all the credits that make up the total teaching load and to have been qualified as appropriate the corresponding research work. This title, as specific to the University of Salamanca and as established in this respect in Royal Decree 1496/1987 of November 6 on the obtaining, issuance and homologation of university degrees, will be issued by the Rector Magnifico on behalf of the University of Salamanca Salamanca.


90 ECTS. PRICE € 5,400.


In Own Titles of the University of Salamanca.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Nuestra metodología académica presencial y online se basa sobre 3 puntos fundamentales: formación personalizada, enseñanza práctica y cercanía del profesorado. Read less