Master illustration, motion graphics and 3d


Program Description

The illustration is one of the most bullish disciplines within the graphic, artistic and business world, becoming an essential tool in many professional projects related to graphic design and communication. But if at some level it has developed exponentially it is in the audiovisual design, where the creation of pieces in video format and contents of illustration has become a means in itself, developing its own visual language and a way of conceive images that empathize more directly with the consumer.

For this reason more and more professionals are required to combine both disciplines, illustration and motion graphics, and can also cope with 3D techniques to their projects.

The new generation of professional artists has brought together designers from all creative fields, reinventing concepts and trends to become an indispensable link to the validity of these sectors.


This master is designed as a specialized course in order to equip students with the necessary projects to develop professional illustration and illustration applied to audiovisual media skills.

It is not designed as an introduction to drawing, but wants to instill in students using the illustration as a creative more tool of the new strategies in many areas of communication and design, focusing especially on all those who claim the creation of audiovisual content, where motion graphics or motion graphics becomes the creative and narrative backbone, while the use of technology and suitable software for creating movies and development of 3D images are presented as the necessary tools for the generation of resources and innovative images that enrich such projects.

The program will deepen the one hand, the concept of illustration applied to different creative activities and communications from a number of specific workshops for each area of ​​action taught by professional illustrators, where different techniques and ways will be learned approach each project. On the other hand, and in parallel, the student is provided with the necessary skills to create graphic proposals within the audiovisual media, such as debt instruments, curtains television, advertising images and audiovisual media for exhibitions and to generate and implement graphic resources and 3D illustrations in these projects at the end of the program each student will develop material for book and a personal reel to present their work in a professional environment and contests and competitions.

Addressed to

Graduates and graduates with experience in drawing, graphic design and software creditable by academic curriculum and / or portfolio. Otherwise, you must take the Graduate / Basic Course in Graphic Design.

Access and Degree

Access university degree (BA, degree or graduate) and internal selection process. own master's degree awarded by the Universitat Abat Oliva CEU is obtained.

Curricular Itinerary

This Master is the result of combining the academic curricula of the Graduate:

  • Illustration Applied Design
  • Audiovisual Design: Motion Graphics and 3D
Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

En este nuevo escenario, mucho más exigente y que plantea sus propias necesidades, el principal objetivo de Idep Barcelona es formar a los mejores profesionales en el entorno del Diseño y la comunicac ... Read More

En este nuevo escenario, mucho más exigente y que plantea sus propias necesidades, el principal objetivo de Idep Barcelona es formar a los mejores profesionales en el entorno del Diseño y la comunicación gráfica y audiovisual, del Diseño y la imagen de moda y de la Fotografía y creación contemporánea. Una nueva generación de creativos que reúna, además de los conocimientos técnicos necesarios para utilizar con eficacia las herramientas más avanzadas, una visión contemporánea de las nuevas tendencias conceptuales. De esta manera, facilitamos su incorporación al mercado laboral en las mejores condiciones. Read less