Fashion Design La Maison

Classes will be taught both Italian and English

Is more than just a simple course in that it contains all the specific techniques of a traditional formation in Fashion Design and the various disciplines that cross it, as well as the primary activity of Cool Hunting, that have to be present to generate future talents, STYLISTS able to surprise and fascinate and above all add innovation to their own creations.

Course program

First Level

Introduction to design
Sketch and technic design
Moodboard, inspiration, research ideas and trends
Preparation to fashion collection
Pattern-making principles
La Maison laboratory, from design to the clothing-to-be, experience the fashion Maison
Accessories design preparation
The fashion system
Introduction to fashion marketing and to fashion strategies
Introduction to graphic, color techniques, and rendering fulfillment
Chromatology, hand design, and graphic design rendering techniques
Costume history, from Paleolithic age up to the beginning of 1500

Capsule – Laboratory

How a fashion Maison is born, from the idea to the final project
Professional roles within a fashion Maison
Professional figures
Distribution of the work
Coolhunting activities
How a fashion collection is born
The briefing
Creation of a collection's keyword
Timing of a collection
The schemes of a collection
Trends books
Collection and pre-collection
Presentation of a project
Internal communications' mechanisms within a fashion Maison
Marketing and commercial offices
Press contacts
The distribution
The fashion show and collection's presentations

Second Level

Collection project
Projecting and fulfilling a fashion collection
Organising a collection briefing
Materials research and preparation
Textile and dressing merceology
In-depth examination of accessories collection
Marketing strategies and competitor analysis
How to apply graphic techniques in sketch making
Photographic touch up
Advertising strategies and techniques
Creation of one's own logo
Costume history, from 1500 to modern age
Fabrics and materials, yarns and textile composition study
Art history, a journey through art, from prehistory up to contemporary age
La Maison project: an academic year within a fashion company/Maison
How to live the company: the industrial psychology
Psychology: how to face a job interview

La Maison-Capsule Laboratory 2

collection laboratory, the real atelier is within "up to date"
concept creation
various styles differentiation
streetwear project
pret à porter project
casual project
couture project
collection within the team
different roles within the team
fashion Maison organization chart
the designer, the creative, one's own role within the company
fashion illustration
relationships with suppliers and sample sellers
relationship with the customer
fair and exhibition
sociology, market research
how to deal with relations inside the fashion system
fashion direction
lifestyle, what it is and how to create it, visual merchandising
the concept of entrepreneurship


Year Round

Fashion Design La Maison offers a 9 months course.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
09:30 - 12:30
Tuesday and Thursday
09:30 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 17:00
First academic year 756 hours
Second academic year 756 hours

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Fundamental prerequisite to attend the course is to have already turned 18 years old

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