Master Engineer in Environmental Engineering


Program Description

The main mission of environmental engineers is to take concrete action for the environment in a wide variety of sectors. At the heart of the challenges of the circular economy, they operate on processes to improve the quality of air, water & soil, to better recycle & recover waste and to develop renewable energies.

To better fight against climate change, marine pollution, the collapse of biodiversity, UniLaSalle environmental engineers are experts:

  • management of the environmental impacts of human activities: prevention, reduction, treatment and compensation;
  • improving the environmental performance of organizations (companies, local authorities, state public sector, professional associations, NGOs, etc.);
  • sustainable land use planning, industrial risks, ecological engineering;
  • optimization of processes (chemistry, physics, biotechnology, etc.) applied to the environment.

Strong points

  • Internships and projects from the 1st year
  • Acquiring multiple skills around environmental issues
  • A customizable training path
  • A strong international dimension (up to 2 semesters abroad)
  • Contacts with professionals: conferences, site visits, projects, etc.
  • Generalist skills for better integration in all areas of environmental engineering


After the Bac> Admission to the 1st year of the preparatory cycle

Conditions of admission

Training accessible after:

  • Bac S
  • Bac ES math option
  • Bac STAV,
  • Bac STI2D,
  • Bac STL

Terms of admission

  • Admission on file and interview.
  • Compulsory Parcoursup procedure (registrations between January 22 and March 12).
  • Find the Environmental Engineer training on Parcoursup:
    • In "type of training", select "engineering training".
    • Then, in the "region" item, select "Brittany".

After 1 to 3 years of higher education> Admission to 2nd, 3rd or 4th year

Conditions of admission

The training of engineer in Environmental Engineering is aimed at students from:

  • of a scientific university cycle (DUT, L2 or L3)
  • of a Preparatory Class for Grandes Ecoles BCPST
  • of a CPGE MP, PC or PSI by the E3A competition. For eligible candidates, a motivational interview is scheduled within the establishment.
  • of reorientation: preparatory class of another school, other bac + 2 scientific, foreign curriculum, in PACES course (admission possible from October or in the 2nd semester)

Terms of admission

  • MP, PC, PSI prep
    • E3A competition + motivation interview
  • Other sectors
  • Admission on file + motivation interview.
  • Procedure via online application on our website.

Trades and opportunities

  • Eco-industrial companies
  • Industrial or service companies
  • Design offices, consulting companies, verification agencies
  • Public or private institutions
  • Continuation of studies at UniLaSalle

Main areas of activity

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Management and environment, HQE, HSE
  • Water management and treatment
  • Waste management and treatment
  • Energy production and distribution, renewable energy, energy savings
  • Management and treatment of atmospheric effluents
  • Eco-design of products, life cycle analysis
  • Clean technologies or eco-processes
  • Ecosystems and environments
  • Building
  • Sustainable development

Main functions

  • Manager, department head, senior executive
  • Environmental engineer
  • Environmental studies officer
  • Responsible for the development of eco-processes
  • Environmental consultant
  • Responsible for steering and implementing environmental policies
  • QSE Manager
  • Environmental project manager
  • Environment Director
  • Responsible for steering and implementing pollution prevention or treatment solutions

Tuition fees

  • Pre-engineer cycle 1st year: € 6300
  • 2nd year pre-engineer cycle: € 6,120
  • 3rd to 5th year: € 7230 per year
Last updated Apr 2020

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