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Master Energy and Building Systems

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The master program Energy and Building Systems (EGS) is concerned with the sharp increase in recent years, environmental, energy and climatic requirements for the design, construction and operation of buildings and energy systems. Examples include holistic system considerations in planning and building operation and processing trades overall quality issues. Technical building trades examples are the cross-border networking through building automation, the evolution of facades from passive to active device, optimized management concepts, etc. Energy Performance Examples include the development of area-specific energy concepts or the planning and implementation of energy management systems.

The master's program prepares students for a qualified professional career as an engineer in the conceptual area in the broad topic of energy and building.

Key data

The standard period of study including the Master's thesis 3 semesters.
There is a full-time study.
For that master's degree obtained 90 credits.
After successfully made all examinations in the master program Energy and Building Systems obtained the academic degree

Study contents

Required Courses:

  • Seminar Energy and Building Systems
  • engineering Mathematics
  • Management
  • Modelling and systems theory
  • Module from other programs


Management and Processes

  • Cost and Prozssoptimierung
  • Quality Management
  • Facility Management

Energy and building technology

  • refrigeration technology
  • Data and information technology
  • flow simulation
  • automation technology
  • hydraulic

building systems

  • Integral planning and building operation
  • Climate Related Building & Building Physics
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems Technical
  • lighting design
  • Electrical systems

energy systems

  • Geothermal systems
  • Renewable and decentralized energy systems
  • Smart Grid and Smart Buildings
  • Electrical- / Thermal Energy Systems
  • Thermodynamic Systems

Application - Admission - Marketing Materials

Admission Requirements

The prerequisite for admission to the Master's program EGS is a university degree in an engineering degree program or other comparable scientific and technical program. The test result must be above average. The available places are allocated according to the results of the university's own selection process. Among other things, in this case the suitability and motivation of the candidate is assessed and evaluated in an interview.

To different input conditions (eg students with bachelor's degree from only 6 semesters or

To compensate 180 CP or students with professionally continue wegliegenden bachelor's degrees), see figure below, are at the beginning of studying individual arrangements with the students agreed in personal consultations, which are to ensure the best possible course of study.
Students who still have to make up 30 credits can purchase them from the Bachelor programs Biberach University, preferably, from the bachelor's degree programs G and E or in the future from the new bachelor degree program Energy Engineering with the two majors G and E. You can start your study in the summer semester or the winter semester start


application deadlines

Summer semester: until January 15
Winter semester: until 15 July

Occupation fields / opportunities

will be taught skills that are valuable for people who want to be active in senior positions in the planning, execution and management of buildings as well as for manufacturers of building or power engineering systems, systems and components. Special emphasis is placed on the acquisition of scientific methods and competencies including for further scientific work in research and development (R & D) are required for companies or institutions.

The course is project-oriented scientific and applied in close cooperation with the Institute for Building and Energy Systems (IGE) Biberach University ..

Typical activities in their future careers can be:

  • Development and validation of building and energy concepts with modern simulation tools
  • Concept of energy management and facility management solutions
  • Development of energy-efficient components and systems for the building and energy applications
  • Development, planning, implementation and operation of decentralized and renewable energy systems
  • Consulting services in Integral design, construction and operation of buildings and energy systems
  • Researcher / -in at institutes and universities (among others with doctoral dissertation)
  • Self-employed as a plane and consultative engineering / -in

So the successful degree opens up diverse career prospects The Master Graduates of our program are in great demand in the market. A survey of the graduates of the last semester showed that more than 90% have found a job within a short time.

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Traditionell eine Hochschule für Bauwesen steht die Hochschule Biberach für die klassischen Disziplinen Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen. Spezialangebote differenzieren diese Studienangebote: Projektmanagement (Bau) sowie Betriebswirtschaft (Bau & Immobilien). Read less
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