Master Degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

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Master Degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

BBI Luxembourg


The MA Degree is awarded after two years of study. This program aims to consolidate knowledge acquired during undergraduate training and to increase knowledge about the numerous aspects of business management. The program also offers students a range of specific skills leading to their selected specialization, enabling them to adapt to current industry requirements.

This program provides in-depth knowledge of research and critical analysis. Students will gain a firm practical understanding of the management trends that make a difference at an international level. Students learn the facets and techniques in the science of hospitality and tourism business management, focusing on objectives relating to their area of specialization. They learn to integrate different specializations and techniques in the broad framework of goal-oriented organizations and also apply management theory in their field of specialization.

The MA Degree is an off-campus and customized program which provides, through the independent study system, advanced specialization in the following fields: Marketing – Human Resources – Finance – International Management – Resort, Tourism management.


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ASP - Advanced Specialization Program - 120 (ECTS)

This program is developed to meet and anticipate the increasing demands made by students who wish to undertake an Executive Career in the hospitality and tourism industry. The MA program is designed to equip the students with a more complete set of skills and the knowledge with which to face a competitive and fast-moving world. The students will gain a firm practical understanding of the management trends that make a difference at international level.

The MA program provides an educational opportunity in the applied science of hospitality business, in management, in teamwork and in decision-making. It provides also an in-depth expertise in the fields of practical research and critical analysis. The students learn the characteristics and techniques used in the context of applied management, focused on specific objectives to their field of specialization. The students learn to integrate different Specialisations and Techniques in the broad framework of goal-oriented organizations, as well as to apply management theory.

The students will receive more specialized knowledge in a number of elective courses. The MA follows the normal path of the BOLOGNA PROCESS and is equivalent to 120 ECTS credits. It includes for both years 3240 hours of study including an advanced internship at the management level of 12 months (ERASMUS+ PROGRAM).

The two years MASTER schedules are structured partly with IN-RESIDENCE MAJOR and with OFF-CAMPUS Elective modules as well as an internship of 12 months as Trainee Manager. The length of time required to complete a program varies greatly from one student to another, depending on their availability and the effort they are prepared to put in; allowing the students to advance at their pace. The MA is a personalized program which provides advanced specialization in the five management fields.

For the Off-Campus' students will be challenged to grasp the concept of INDEPENDENT LEARNING, and then apply it to succeed in these modules. The length of time required to complete the module can vary greatly among students, depending on the time availability and the effort they are willing to put into it. However, as a guideline students should consider 60 hours study as a normal time allotted to finalize each chosen module.

Tutoring - Students are engaged in the content, promoting student-lecturer and student-student interaction through electronic peer review (voice or e-mail), whilst having to plan for face-to-face at set times with their course lecturer and/or the coordinator.


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Master Curriculum


  • Modules/Research Assignments/Case Study
  • Leadership and Management, AM 4304
  • Corporate Financial Management, AM 4466
  • International Business Management, AM 4055
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, AM 4051
  • Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Audit Management, AM 4053


  • Business Plan – Hotel Strategies & Development, AS 5094
  • Dissertation – Guidance and Preparation, AS 5096


  • PARIS OPERA – A New Luxury Hotel From Starwood Group, CS 4251
  • HOTEL Integrated Accounting & Financial Project, CS 4095
  • WINDSOR PALACE – Boutique Hotel in an Emerging Market, CS 4254
  • Mc CAFÉ – A Mc Donald brand, CS 4255
  • Workshop General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR, WS 4256


ISC - Independent Study Course (Selection of 2 modules)

  • Marketing and Segmentation Strategies, AS 4080
  • Marketing Research Methodologies, AS 4052
  • Hotel Sustainable Development, AS 4678
  • Hospitality Properties & Facilities Development, AS 4701
  • Hotel Asset – Principles and Practices & Hotel Investment, AS 4676
  • Business Ethics & Across Cultures in the Hospitality Industry, AS 4885
  • Managing Performance Appraisal System, AS 4702
  • Strategic Planning System, AS 4078
  • Sports Club and Condominium Management, AS 4020
  • International Hospitality Development, AS 4428


Professional Managerial Training

  • Advanced Management Internship of 12 months – Trainee Manager, AS 5097
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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Sept. 2019
2 years
Full time
7,200 EUR
per year (EU Citizenship); € 7.950,00 per year (None-EU)(Administration Costs)
Luxembourg - Wiltz, Diekirch
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
Luxembourg - Wiltz, Diekirch
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