Master Degree in Engineering of Building Processes and Systems (Curriculum Historic Buildings Rehabilitation)

University of Bologna

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Master Degree in Engineering of Building Processes and Systems (Curriculum Historic Buildings Rehabilitation)

University of Bologna

The innovation in both technical and organizational structure is increasing the complexity of the building process. The emergence of more stringent requirements and the intense penetration of new materials and technologies take special relevance in consolidation, recovery and rehabilitation of historic buildings, which is a market segment in a steady expansion.

The growing cultural value attributed to the existing building and the economic and environmental benefits associated with its conservation are expanding this market, whose further development fuels a demand for high-profile skills, able to meet its specific characteristics and constraints.

The HBR (Historic Buildings Rehabilitation) international curriculum of the Masters in Engineering of Building Processes and Systems was built to meet these needs of new professionals, able to integrate the functions traditionally found within the process, by focusing on the critical analysis of the historical heritage, the diagnosis of conservation conditions, the definition of procedures and techniques for consolidation and rehabilitation of the artefacts, by applying effective methods and solutions, compatible with the protection of the heritage characters.

The course is a two-years Master “second cycle Degree” requiring the students to obtain 120 ECTS. The program is two years in duration and is divided into four terms.

In the first year, courses are mainly oriented to address basic issues of the Master’s studies: History of Italian and European Architecture; Conservation Theory of Historic Buildings and Heritage Conservation; Survey of Historic Buildings, Materials and Technologies for Historic Buildings; Advanced Structural Mechanics and Mechanics of Historic Masonry and Wood Structures. Additionally, a Design Project course aims at training the students in applying to a case-study the acquired knowledge.
In the second year, both compulsory and elective courses are offered on specialized topics, such as Structural Diagnostics, Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation; Geotechnical Engineering for the Preservation of Historic Buildings; Mineralogical and Petrographical Characterization of Natural and Artificial Stone Materials.

The program is entirely taught in English and requires the student a proficient use of the English language.

At the end of the program, a degree titled "Master in Engineering of building processes and Systems" (Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria dei Processi e dei Sistemi edilizi, Classe LM-24) is awarded and is valid under Italian law.
The title enables graduates to take the exam for Professional Engineer qualification (Sector: Civil and Environmental)

HBR Master students have the opportunity to obtain a double degree: from the University of Bologna ( MSc in Engineering of Building Processes and Systems) and from the Tongji University, Shanghai, China (MSc in Architecture and Civil Engineering) .

Graduates of the program will have the training to go on to work in numerous fields, including Public Administrations, Companies carrying out works of consolidation and recovery of historic buildings, and many other specific sectors, such as production of building components, diagnostic and survey services, facility management.

Completion of the HBR Master degree can also lead to entering PhD. level studies.

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