MEng Degree in Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

This Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology discipline is Master degree conferring site.There are 7 professors and 1 associate professors, 6 doctor tutors and 2 master tutors. The discipline belongs to Electrical Science and Technology Discipline, it is the base of remote communication, high-frequency communication and electromagnetism compatible. Many new technologies are also on the basis of electromagnetic field and microwave technology, such as Radar, mobile communication, microwave remote sensing, electrical antagonize, intellect antenna, ray and microwave interaction.

This discipline has applied widely in spaceflight, national defence and economy. But with the rapid development of digital communication technology and electrical computer, many students choose popular majors such as communication and computer, which results in few intellects in this field. The master site of the electromagnetic field and microwave technology has been founded again since the year 2003, further researching in electromagnetic and microwave technology. In order to cultivate high-level theory researchers and engineers, the discipline is tracing the trend of the international development, improving the level of applications in the electromagnetic field and microwave technology. Labs for teaching and researching are Microwave technology lab, electrical field, electrical wave lab, and microwave darkroom. The discipline has opened 6-degree courses and required major courses for M.Eng and D.Eng candidates.

Research Fields

-- Microwave Antenna Technology

-- Broad Band Microwave Network Technology

-- Electromagnetic Wave Dispersion, Radiation and Transmission Theory


Degree Courses

  • Chinese
  • General Survey of China
  • Matrix Theory
  • Math-physics approaches
  • Advanced electromagnetic theory
  • Computation electromagnetism
  • Electrical wave transmission and antenna theory

Required Courses

  • Professional literature reading
  • Software radio
  • Modern microwave measure technology

Optional Courses

  • Waveguide theory
  • Fiber communication theory
  • Electro-antagonism principle
  • Electromagnetism compatible principle
  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Digital image processing
  • Intelligent antenna technology
Program taught in:
  • English (US)
  • Chinese

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Sep 2020
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