Master Course in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management

Delft University of Technology

Program Description

Master Course in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management

Delft University of Technology

The Master in Construction Management and Engineering (CME) is a two-year English taught Master’s programme. It addresses the growing need for reforms within the building and construction (BC) industry and teaches students how to deal with present and future transitions. The BC industry is currently under a lot of pressure, as there is an increasing need for greater transparency, client orientation and innovation. Furthermore, today’s society is longing for a shift towards more sustainable solutions. For instance, the life cycle aspects of buildings or civil engineering works, quality assurance and coherency assurance are gradually getting more and more attention. In addition, the complexity of building projects is also increasing due to new EU regulations and a growing involvement and influence from interested parties in the construction process, as well as the high density of the built environment. These changes require different types of skills and knowledge from the current and future managers in the construction industry. There is a growing need for professionals who not only have thorough knowledge of integral design and engineering, but also knowledge of processes, lifecycle and risk management, new types of contracts and collaboration, systems engineering and the interests of all stakeholders. In becoming more client oriented, transparent and efficient, the industry simply cannot do without skilled managers that are able to apply their broad knowledge to various situations, whether it’s a large construction project, a multidisciplinary building project or a consultancy job for the government.

The MSc Construction Management and Engineering programme (CME) anticipates the growing need for change and reform in the construction industry. Studying CME is a big challenge. As a CME student, you will familiarise yourself with existing management and engineering practices, and learn how you can help to achieve the desired changes in the BC industry and assess the consequences for the construction process and its organisation. You will also further develop your engineering, problem solving and communication skills.

Exit qualifications

Regarding academic competences the graduate has the following qualifications:

1. has a thorough scientific attitude (having the ability to work independently, to reflect, to critically analyze, to evaluate, to generate novel ideas etc.). In his scientific attitude he does not restrict himself to the specific boundaries of the Construction Management and Engineering domain and is able to cross these boundaries, wherever and whenever necessary;

2. has the ability to reflect on the complete scope of matters and issues in the domain: is able to form an opinion and contribute to discussions;

3. as an academic, the graduate understands the potential benefits of research and is able to understand and incorporate the results of research into his own design of solutions. He has the potential to contribute to or perform research himself;

4. understands the importance of oral and written communication skills, in particular in English, and can make effective use of these. He also adheres to existing academic traditions, such as providing proper credits and references.

5. has the habit to reflect upon his own work and continuously uses relevant information to improve his competences.

6. is able to operate in the context of a team and to act as a project leader.

7. knows that compromises are inevitable and is able to deal with these effectively.

8. makes decisions based on these compromises and risk evaluations.

9. knows that models only approximate reality, but he is able to develop and use them adequately whenever this is beneficial.

10. is aware of the disadvantages of certain design decisions and is able to communicate these to the relevant parties (stakeholders). He is able to take the purpose of a particular design and its context into consideration.

11. has the attitude and is able to implement the concept of life-long-learning both inside and outside the field of expertise covered by the MSc programme.



The following rates are applied for the full academic year:

A) Tuition fees for full-time enrolment as a student


Statutory rate:

  • 2012/2013:   € 1,771
  • 2013/2014:   € 1,835

Tuition fees institutional rate I

You are eligible for the statutory rate for enrolment in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme if you hold the Dutch nationality or that of another EU/EFTA country *) **), or the Surinamese nationality.

  • 2012/2013 academic year: € 1,771
  • 2013/2014 academic year: € 1,835

Tuition fees institutional rate II

All students from non-EU/EFTA countries who began their Bachelor studies before 1 September 2008 and who have been uninterruptedly enrolled since then, pay institutional rate II.

  • 2012/2013 academic year: € 2,401
  • 2013/2014 academic year: € 2,487

Tuition fees institutional rate III (Master)

Students from outside the EU/EFTA countries who enrol for a TU Delft Master’s degree programme are required to pay institutional rate III.

  • 2012/2013 academic year: € 12,650.-
  • 2012/2013 academic year: €  9,340.- (transitional arrangement)
  • 2013/2014 academic year: € 12,916.-
  • 2013/2014 academic year: € 9,677,-

B) Tuition fees for part-time enrolment as a student


  • 2012/2013 academic year:  € 1,483
  • 2012/2013 academic year:  € 1,536

C) Examination fees for external students


  • 2012/2013 academic year: € 6,000
  • 2012/2013 academic year:  € 6,000 

D) Freemovers (BSc and MSc)


  • 2012/2013 academic year:  € 8,096
  • 2012/2013 academic year:  € 8,266
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2017
2 years
Full time
1,835 EUR
Netherlands - Delft
Start date: Sept. 2017
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Sept. 2017
Netherlands - Delft
Application deadline Request Info
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- EU, full-time