Master Building Information Modeling (MBIM)


Program Description

The Institute of Higher Studies of Engineering and Business, IDESIE Business School , has the mission of promoting knowledge and education about engineering, science, technology and those areas of knowledge whose practical application help improve the quality of life of our society.

In close collaboration with the professional world, our Master programs respond to the need for companies to incorporate young people prepared for the challenges of the digital world.

Therefore, IDESIE launched in 2012 the first BIM Master in Spain.

The academic rigor, our methodology and the constant evolution of the program incorporating the most innovative contents position the Master BIM of IDESIE (MBIM) as the reference program in Spain.

Our values

  • Our cloister The purpose of IDESIE is to enrich the training of the student through the knowledge and experience of a faculty of recognized prestige and a great professional background.
  • Our programs incorporate the most innovative content. Being the reference business school in the technological field forces us.
  • We care about satisfying the needs of professionals who want to master the technique, be able to manage any professional project and be part of the decision making of your company.
  • In close collaboration with the business world we identify and develop new professional profiles that respond to the new demands of the market.

With a unique formation you will differentiate yourself from the rest

  • The main feature that differentiates our Full Time programs and makes them unique is the combination of Work and Training .
  • At the same time they study, our students work, participating in real projects for real companies (Architecture Studies, Engineering, Construction, Project Management Companies and Consultants). The students put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classrooms and enhance their professional performance.
  • Through a paid employment contract, the student joins the IDESIE ID team and is assigned as a junior consultant to companies for the development of projects within the scope of the program.
  • With this professional immersion methodology, they have the opportunity to acquire the necessary experience to join with guarantees to the labor market that awaits them.

Who is it for?

  • Our programs are aimed at: Engineers and Architects.
  • Less than 30 years old
  • Less than 5 years of professional experience.

The first BIM Master in Spain since 2012

The MBIM focuses training on the processes and work systems that are developed in the different phases of the life cycle of a project (design, construction and management of the asset) taking as reference the international standards and paying special attention to what is indicated in the ISO BIM "ISO 19650".

Why is your program?

  • In IDESIE we train professionals who, in addition to mastering the technique, develop skills that allow them to orient their future towards management and management areas.
  • The small number of students allows personalized attention and enriches professional networking, strengthening the student's contact with their potential contractors.
  • The only master that prepares you to pass the BSI Certification exam referring to the “Information Delivery Manager” and “Asset Information Manager” profiles, in accordance with ISO 19650.
  • You will be the first to know the most advanced solutions in BIM environment. We offer our students innovative content that adds value to their profile by incorporating knowledge that will allow them to anticipate the future.

We give you the experience you need. You will become a reference within the AEC sector.


Degrees and Certifications

The Only Master BIM that incorporates the new ISO-BIM (ISO 19650)

Double degree The MBIM is endorsed by IDESIE Business School and the UFV.

Every day it becomes more necessary to have certifications that guarantee knowledge and the acquisition of skills related to BIM profiles demanded by companies.

For this, IDESIE has signed a collaboration agreement with BSI (British Standards Institution) unique in Spain for the incorporation in the master of the necessary contents aimed at the certification of BIM profiles.

The MBIM prepares you to pass the BSI Certification exam for the following roles: Information Delivery Manager; Asset Information Manager


  • Start: October 2020
  • Hours: Monday to Friday work mornings training afternoons
  • Duration: 16 months (10 months job training; 6 months paid internships)
  • Price: € 15,000


  • The student is assigned a Tutor in charge of their evolution and professional orientation.
  • Practical training. Continuous assessment. Teamworks. Networking
  • Development of negotiation and management skills.
  • We guarantee 6 months of work with paid employment contract to acquire the experience you need.
  • We have the collaboration of professionals of international stature who, through seminars and conferences, share with our students success stories in large international projects.
Last updated Mar 2020

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