Master Biosciences

The Biosciences Master is organized by the 'École Normale Supérieure de Lyon' (ENS Lyon) and the 'Université Claude Bernard Lyon I' (UCBL).

It is integrated within Lyon's research and higher education consortium (PRES - Université de Lyon).

Persons in Charge: Jean-Nicolas Volff & Dominique Baas

The BioSciences Master is a high-level academic program in general biology with a special emphasis on research. However, a certain degree of specialization is possible through the choice of electives and internships. This diploma is designed for students who have done their undergraduate studies in biology at a university, studied in an engineering school, or studied medicine, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine. The program is also open to students from abroad. Total enrolment is limited to 60 students.

In accordance with the Licence, Master, Doctorate (LMD) diploma system in place in France, the Master BioScience is composed of 4 semesters of 30 ECTS credits each.

During the first semester (S1), students must take:

2 required courses:
- English (40 hours, 3 ECTS)
- Bioethics, Epistemology and Scientific Communication (30 hours, 3 ECTS)
4 elective courses (60h, 6 ECTS) chosen from a list of twelve options.

During the three remaining semesters (S2, S3, and S4), the students must complete:

- an internship in a research laboratory in France or Europe,

- a "European" course

If the student's internship takes place in a PRES-Université de Lyon laboratory, this course is to be chosen from a list of ten options. If the internship takes place in a laboratory belonging to another university, the student must either validate a "European" course proposed by the ENS or validate a course proposed by the other university worth 6 ECTS credits, approved by the BioSciences Master pedagogical team.

In order to validate the BioSciences Master, students must do at least 50% of the work, including S1, in Lyon; one of the three internships must be done in a PRES-Université de Lyon laboratory; and students may not do more than two internships on the same research team, under the same supervisor.

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Sept. 2019
4 semesters
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Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019

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