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Program Description

Advertising has changed and, although companies create products, consumers buy brands, which are nothing more than a sum of ideas and values ​​where the photographer's main function is to convey those ideas to service marks.

Therefore, beyond the necessary perfection to photograph a product or technical character, a successful photographer in the field of advertising depends on your creativity as an art director to create an imaginary world that can transmit such illusion. It is not enough to possess the technical expertise to develop this work with professional rigor in all possible fields (still life, portrait, campaigns, etc.), it is also necessary to have the creative ability to work with other media professionals in an environment highly competitive.

In addition, digital imaging and post production possibilities have changed the way of understanding photography in this field. It is almost unthinkable to plan a good image for an advertising campaign without considering giving you the retouching and manipulation of the captured image. It is not only the possibility of improving if not that, on many occasions, and is triggered after considering will act as post-production, so that skills and knowledge of retouching, photomontage and adaptation and integration of 3D images They are essential, not only for the photographer or the retoucher, but for any professional image and communication.


This master is designed as a specialization course for photographers who wish to develop their technical and creative capabilities in the field of advertising photography. Throughout the essential skills program is to solve assignments and development of aesthetic and conceptual approach is encouraged, through art direction, to be able to conceive and create the image that makes reality an advertising briefing and contribution value to the communication strategy.

Participants become familiar with camera equipment, digital and flashes capture higher-level backups, and be able to implement specific lighting techniques in the development of still life of product, production studio and outdoor campaigns models or actors, raise castings, direct acting and work as a team with other creatives.

At the same time the tools and methods for professional post-production and digital retouching will learn to enhance the creative capacity and train professionals to contribute to their projects directly, and from the planning phase of the same, all the options that exist in the scope for broad market integration of retouching and 3D images, providing a competitive advantage over other professionals.

In addition, each student will have completed at the end of a personal book program, supervised by the Pedagogical Director to present their work in a professional environment.

Addressed to

Graduates and graduates with experience in photography by creditable academic curriculum and / or portfolio and with minimal knowledge of Photoshop. Otherwise, it is necessary to take the Degree / Photography course.

Access and Degree

Access university degree (bachelor or graduate degree) and internal selection process. own master's degree awarded by the Universitat Abat Oliva CEU is obtained.

Curricular Itinerary

This master's degree is the result of combining the academic curricula of postgraduate Advertising Photography and Art Direction and Digital Retouching and 3D Integration.

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En este nuevo escenario, mucho más exigente y que plantea sus propias necesidades, el principal objetivo de Idep Barcelona es formar a los mejores profesionales en el entorno del Diseño y la comunicación gráfica y audiovisual, del Diseño y la imagen de moda y de la Fotografía y creación contemporánea. Una nueva generación de creativos que reúna, además de los conocimientos técnicos necesarios para utilizar con eficacia las herramientas más avanzadas, una visión contemporánea de las nuevas tendencias conceptuales. De esta manera, facilitamos su incorporación al mercado laboral en las mejores condiciones. Read less