Master 2 International Strategic Intelligence


Program Description

A key issue for companies in a highly competitive international environment, Strategic Intelligence International aims to make information a strategic asset.

The option International Strategic Intelligence of the Higher Diploma in International Relations of ILERI is sanctioned by the Master of the IAE of Poitiers in Economic Intelligence, State Diploma (Master degree). It aims to train students in the best practices and qualifications in the areas of collection, analysis, management, processing, dissemination, protection and use of information within large groups International.

This training gives skills applicable in all forms of companies or public authorities anxious to conduct a policy of functional economic intelligence in an international context, whether as a charge of studies, watch and analysis, lobbyist, information management specialist.

"Integrated in the ADIT teams as soon as I graduated from the 5th year, I received the best preparation to perform in this structure. After two years of Master at ILERI , reinforced by an intermediate year dedicated to a personal project and a semester in exchange in Lebanon, the baggage with which one comes out is consequent. This training gives the opportunity to confront and be effective in changing situations. "Axel W. 2017 Promo.

Objectives of the master

  • Acquire the necessary skills to manage strategic information.
  • To understand the practices of the information control in an international context, watch, knowledge management, social networks.
  • Improve the visibility of an organization or a territory and support its development in the long term.
  • Manage information protection processes: sensitivity audit, vulnerability overview, legal solutions, compliance policy, cybersecurity strategy.
  • Be able to analyze the geopolitical issues and be able to adjust the activities of an organization according to this shifting environment.
  • Master the main techniques of offensive use of information: intercultural intelligence, influence, lobbying, conduct of negotiation.
  • Control the e-reputation of an organization: map the relays of influence, understand the power struggles, manage the media, create and animate thematic blogs.


Common Core

  • Public Affairs and Lobbying
  • Actors and networks of foreign policy
  • Compliance and Audit
  • Practice of international business negotiation
  • Intercultural Intelligence
  • To be recruited and recruit effectively
  • Foreign languages (English, European language, Eastern language)

Specialty teaching

  • Public policy of economic intelligence
  • Information system
  • Monitoring and Knowledge Management Tools
  • Economic security
  • Cyber security and information systems security
  • Crisis governance
  • Attractiveness of territories
  • Economic intelligence
  • Methodology
  • Contemporary mobility and global challenges in the transport world
  • Economic Intelligence Law

The strengths of the program

  • Two schemes possible, in initial training or in alternation (under apprenticeship or professionalization contract). The alternation allows the student to acquire a significant professional experience, contributing to a probing professional integration. Depending on the legislation in force, the host company finances all or part of the schooling and compensates the student according to the type of contract.
  • Professional internship: 4 to 6 months full time. Opportunity for pre-employment or direct employment.
  • Training from October to April at ILERI , concentrated on two days a week, plus two weeks of intensive seminars. This alternating rhythm allows students to start an internship, find a job to finance their studies or have time to deepen their research.
  • Intervention of business intelligence professionals at conferences organized by ILERI .
  • Partnerships with major companies of Intelligences Economique such as CEIS, POLARISK: internship opportunities, publication of student articles, participation in conferences, invitation to conferences.

And after?

Go abroad, go to school or start a first job? The course of the students is only beginning once the diploma obtained.

Terms of admission

The second year of the Higher Diploma in International Relations is open to holders of a Bac 4 equivalent to 240 ECTS credits. After submitting an application, the candidate receives a response regarding his eligibility. If applicable, the candidate passes the ILERI Entrance Examination including written exam and motivational interview.

Tuition fees

Fee Schedule:

Master 2 International Strategic Intelligence: 9750 €
Deposit of 1500 € upon registration and balance in six installments, 5% to be deducted in case of cash payment.
As soon as the student finds a work-study contract, tuition fees are reimbursed.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

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L’ILERI (Institut Libre d’Etude des Relations Internationales) est une école spécialiste des relations internationales depuis 1948, située à Paris La Défense. Proposant une formation pluridisciplinaire en sciences politiques, géopolitique, droit international, économie et langues, l’ILERI forme ses étudiants, selon les besoins du marché, aux fonctions de cadres des organisations internationales, des ONG, des entreprises internationales, des institutions européennes, de la fonction publique française (défense, environnement, etc.), de la diplomatie, des collectivités territoriales, des think tanks, du journalisme, des cabinets de lobbying, des cabinets de conseil, etc. Read less