Master 2 International Security and Defense


Program Description

Train high-level specialists able to develop a global vision of international security problems.

The option International Security and Defense of the Higher Diploma in International Relations of the ILERI is sanctioned by the State Diploma of the University Grenoble-Alpes: Master 2 International and European Studies, specialty International Security and Defense (Master degree) .

The International Security and Defense specialty focuses on the training of high-level specialists capable of developing a global vision of international security and defense problems, associating, with the majority legal approach, economic and political approaches in a renewed vision of security. security, including non-military cooperative security.

Organization of the Master 2 International Security and Defense

The year of Master 2 in International Security and Defense is a multidisciplinary training that covers all issues related to foreign policy and conflict.

The courses are taught two days a week, with two weeks of intensive courses. This rhythm allows students to have an alternation, or an internship of 6 months, throughout the year.

The year ends with the rendering of a professional dissertation and a defense.

Training aims

  • Lobby the institutions' working groups.
  • Prepare coordination meetings and meetings and participate in deliberations and negotiations (bilateral, multilateral, parliamentary, etc.), maintain cooperation agreements.
  • Develop business strategies and contribute to international development.
  • Implement diplomacy, manage crises, engage in mediation.
  • Analyze country risks and create a risk management offer, monitor geopolitical developments and design international projects.
  • Become a parliamentary attaché, join an international organization.
  • To work in the field of defense, to deploy specific means for the fight against terrorism, to integrate the research community on security.


Common Core

  • Public Affairs and Lobbying
  • Actors and networks of foreign policy
  • Practice of international business negotiation
  • Intercultural Intelligence
  • Conformity
  • Insertion into the professional world
  • Foreign languages (English, European language, Eastern language)

Specialty teaching

  • EU Security and External Relations: History, Institutions and Challenges
  • International Security Law and Defense
  • Economics of international security
  • Law of armed conflict
  • Political-ethnic conflicts (in English)
  • Peacekeeping law
  • International Security and Defense Policy
  • Economic intelligence
  • War and economic conflict
  • Cyber, nano, etc .: new technologies and security issues
  • International security seen by its actors
  • Seminar on methodology and memory preparation
  • Professional memory

Axelle Julin - Master 2

Cabinet CEIS

"During my Master's degree in International Security and Defense at ILERI , I completed my end-of-studies internship at CEIS, a Parisian strategy consultancy, as a junior analyst.

During these six months, many varied assignments were entrusted to me, ranging from strategic and sectoral intelligence in the Middle East to the production of monographs for institutional clients.

Beyond giving me credibility in the field, with clients and a first-rate experience in a consulting firm, this internship will have allowed me to reaffirm my vocation to become a strategy consultant. "

Alternation and internship

In order to validate the year, the student must do an alternation or a long internship. This professional experience of at least six months is an asset for professional integration. In the case of an alternation, the company, in addition to paying a salary to the student, pays the tuition fees.

The strengths of the program

  • Two streams: the Research Master and the Professional Master.
  • Two schemes possible, in initial training or apprenticeship. Apprenticeship allows the student to gain significant professional experience, contributing to a probing professional integration. Depending on the legislation in force, the host company finances all or part of the schooling and compensates the student according to the type of contract.
  • Training from October to April at ILERI , concentrated on two days a week, plus two weeks of intensive seminars. This alternating rhythm allows students to start an internship, find a job to finance their studies or have time to deepen their research.
  • The training is attached to the CESICE (Center for Studies on International Security and European Cooperations), research center classified A by the AERS. It is organized in partnership with Sciences Po Grenoble and the Faculty of Economics of Grenoble. Possibility with the M2 Research to continue doctoral university studies.
  • Partnerships with major institutions such as CESA (Center for Strategic Aerospace Studies) and CESM (Center for Marine Studies): internship opportunities, publication of student articles, participation in symposiums, invitation to conferences
  • Possibility to present the competitions of the public service : ENA, Quai D'Orsay, Eastern Framework, Ministries (Defense, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Ecology, etc.).
  • Intervention of international security professionals at conferences organized by ILERI and the student association ILERI DÉFENSE.
  • Professional internship: 4 to 6 months full time. Opportunity for pre-employment or direct employment.

And after?

Go abroad, go to school or start a first job? The course of the students is only beginning once the diploma obtained.

Terms of admission

The second year of the Higher Diploma in International Relations is open to holders of a Bac 4 equivalent to 240 ECTS credits. After submitting an application, the candidate receives a response regarding his eligibility. If applicable, the candidate passes the ILERI Entrance Examination including written exam and motivational interview.

Tuition fees

Fee Schedule:

Master 2 International Strategic Intelligence: 9750 €
Deposit of 1500 € upon registration and balance in six installments, 5% to be deducted in case of cash payment.
As soon as the student finds a work-study contract, tuition fees are reimbursed.

Last updated Mar 2020

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