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Program Description

Asia is the area of human activity for a long history, and full of diversity of culture, religion and philosophy. In recent years, as a result of economic development, Asia has received more attention by the world. Meanwhile, accompanying with the economic development which results in politic change and democratization in Asia, even the issues of the development of constitutionalism, human rights, security protection, and economic integration, etc., Asia has becoming the focus of global concern. In the vast areas of Asia, East Asia is the place of our life and co-existence and prosperity. The most important adjacent neighbors of Taiwan were Japan to the north, South-East Asian countries to the south. There are close relationship among those areas. It is necessary to understand and study both two neighbors.

Based on this understanding, the Tamkang University decides to establish the Graduate Institute of Asian Studies. Under the Institute, it sets up two sections, one Japanese Studies, another one Southeast Asian Studies.

Prospects - Master’s Program of Asian Studies

1.Maintaining the relations with academic institutes in Asia, and looking for more sister universities for academic exchange and relations.

2.Inviting outstanding scholars to do cooperate research and given lectures in the Institute.

3.Encouraging professors and students to participate in international academic activities and presenting papers.

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