Master’s Degree of Engineering, major in Cybersecurity


Program Description

The program of Cybersecurity aims at teaching students the knowledge and solid skills in advanced specification, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of secure systems.

In particular, students should understand and apply methods and techniques to investigate vulnerabilities of a given system or a solution such as scanning techniques and penetration testing, from a theoretical and practical point of view.
In addition, we focus on systems security management and audit. A didactic methodology is applied, based on classes, specialized seminars, conferences, case studies, practical sessions in computer labs, tutorials, projects, and self-learning. Students should participate in some international challenges around at least one of the cybersecurity domains (Systems, Networks, Telecommunication, Software, Web, and Hardware).

Career Opportunities After Following The Program

  • IT Security Instructor
  • Network and Security Architect
  • Digital Forensics Investigator
  • IT Security Solution Developer
  • Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Security Analyst and Auditor
  • Chief Security Officer
  • IT Security Integrator, Operator and Manager

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Target Skills

  • Know the relevant technical parts of legal regulations in cybersecurity and their implications in the design of systems and security tools.
  • Understand and master the basic security services: authentication, authorization, privacy and access control, etc.
  • Analyze and detect anomalies and attack signatures in information systems and the web.
  • Applying vulnerability exploitation to gain unauthorized access.
  • Create and refine concise and comprehensively documents, plans, and projects in the scope of cybersecurity.
  • Know the trends in the cyber-attack techniques.
  • Know and apply the cryptographic and steganographic mechanisms required to protect data stored in a system or data transiting a network.
  • Design and evaluate security architectures for Applications, systems Web sites and networks.
  • Analyze the risks of introducing personal devices in a corporate professional environment. Know and apply the measures to control the risks.

Learning Activities And Methodology

  • Lectures and practical session in the lab
  • Individual and group work with projects
  • Seminaries, conferences, and challenges

Pre-Requisites to Join the Program

  • A Bachelor-degree or equivalent in related fields
  • Proven knowledge in the following fields:
    • Introduction to computer networks (TCP/IP networks)
    • Programming language (structural and object-oriented programming)
    • Introduction to digital communications (optional but strongly recommended)
    • Linux Operating System

Practical Information

How to apply?

Before applying, make sure you meet the program application requirements. Fill out the online application form and send the admission documents to the International Office.


2 years, including 3 semesters of coursework and 1 semester of internship (industry or laboratory).

Application deadline
  • Spring semester: November 15th
  • Fall semester: May 30th

Late applications may be considered.

Application documents:

Once you have filled out the online application form, please send the admission documents to

  • Resume in English
  • Academic transcripts
  • Cover letter
  • Copy of passport
  • Proof of English CECRL B2 – IELTS 6
Last updated Nov 2019

About the School

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Founded in 1905, ESME Sudria is a private, nonprofit school under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Research. The school has a long tradition in training engineers with a broad, well-developed foundation which allows them to move into any facets of the engineering job market without difficulty. Read less
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