Master’s Degree in Management and Applied Economics


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Program Description

Management and Applied Economics

The Master’s degree program in Management & Applied Economics is an advanced, hands-on, and versatile graduate degree program designed to provide you with the expertise, skills and leadership experiences necessary to succeed in today’s business environment. Students can prepare to pursue a professional career by better understanding the connections between business and economics, conducting research, and applying advanced problem-solving and analytical approaches to solve real-world issues. Program graduates can build on their professional experiences and not only become experts in the field of economics, but earn world-class qualifications to pursue careers in management, the public sector, or in public administration in the fields of financial management, strategic management, or economic policy consulting.

Your Benefits

  • Specialization in management or applied economics according to your interests and professional career goals
  • Comprehensive education in research methods in Management and Applied Economics
  • Strong proficiency in English (the majority of courses are held primarily in English)

Educational Objectives

The program consists of mandatory business and economics courses but also allows students to pursue specialized subject areas according to their personal interests and career goals. Students who have a strong analytical and quantitative background learn to apply modern empirical research methods in order to successfully analyze and examine emerging issues in business and economics. The courses are held in English, allowing students to improve their language skills and communicate effectively at a professional level.

Graduates of the Master’s degree program in Management & Applied Economics can:

  • pursue their educational goals in economics and focus on their field of interest
  • expand on material from the undergraduate degree program in economics
  • earn advanced, specialized qualifications apply their acquired expertise professionally in leadership positions that require strong analytical problem-solving skills
  • pursue an academic career and qualify to enroll in a doctoral degree program

Job Opportunities

Graduates are highly sought-after specialists and can pursue a wide variety of professional careers. Depending on your preferred field of specialization, a Master’s degree in Management & Applied Economics allows you to pursue a variety of occupations (for example, as an analyst, researcher or consultant) at:

  • analytical departments at a financial service institution or at an international company
  • an EU, OECD, or UNO committee or similar organizations
  • the Austrian National Bank or the European Central Bank
  • economic research institutions
  • a university or university of applied sciences
  • government offices
  • state and federal administration offices (such as spatial planning, or the Ministry of Finance)

Advanced Degrees at the JKU

After successful completion of the Master's degree program, you can earn an advanced degree at the JKU:

  • Ph.D. Program in Economics
  • Doctorate Degree in Social Sciences and Humanities

Recommended Study Plan

As part of the Master’s degree program, students are required to complete courses totaling 120 ECTS credits in the following areas:

Additional Information

The courses in the program will be held primarily in English.

Admission Requirements

  • Prospective applicants to the Master's degree program should hold a Bachelor’s or Diploma degree in ‘Business and Economics’ (‘Wirtschaftswissenschaften’) from the JKU or hold an academic degree equivalent in content and scope.
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Young, but oh so impressive. At just a little over 50 years old, the JKU has experienced quite a bit - and has a lot to offer: an outstanding selection of academic degree programs on one hand and on t ... Read More

Young, but oh so impressive. At just a little over 50 years old, the JKU has experienced quite a bit - and has a lot to offer: an outstanding selection of academic degree programs on one hand and on the other, it is a place to be happy. Read less
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