The Master’s degree in Communication for international relations (MICRI) trains communications professionals with specific training leading to work opportunities in the international field, in public or private organisations.

1st level University Master’s degree in Communication for international relations (MICRI)

The MICRI Master’s degree is a 1st level postgraduate master’s degree aimed at young graduates and communications professionals and offers high-quality training for work opportunities in the international field.

The study path, with a very high profile teaching body both academically and professionally, takes place over 12 months (annually) and features a combination of theoretical training and practical experience: six months of in-week formal lessons with compulsory attendance, in Italian and English, laboratory activities and individual study sessions.

Following the class-based experience, and to complete the training cycle, students take part in a placement of 300 hours in an international company or organisation, in Italy or abroad.

With the Milan Master’s degree in Communication (MICRI) you will become international communications professional! For a future in business or in commercial activities overseas, in journalism, diplomatic and consular representation or in the field of international organisation and cooperation.

Master Objective

The Master in “Communication for International Relations” (MICRI) is a unique post-graduate programme in Italy, as it aims to fill the gap in the field of intercultural communication education within the European academic scenario.

MICRI turns to students who have a special flair for communication and interpersonal relationships and who are also interested in politics, economics and multicultural processes:

The Master in “Communication for international relations” is a one-year postgraduate degree course which aims to:

  • Develop a critical and analytical understanding of the new global context, by examining current globalization trends, with relation to the realities offered by media and communication;
  • Offer students a challenging high qualified university environment with a strong link to the national and international communication environment.
  • Offer a cross-study approach to different subjects that allow the development of specific interests in the numerous fields of communication;
  • Offer a high-level background in order to enter the world of employment in any country of the world;
  • Allow the student to be part of an intercultural group of students and lecturers enabling a free and dynamic exchange of ideas;
  • Introduce students to high level national and international careers.

A basic requirement for all international students, in order to be admitted to an Italian University Master Course, is that they hold a college or university degree equivalent to a three-year first level University Italian degree (in Humanistic, Legal, Economic and Social subject) and that have successfully completed the equivalent number of years of education as an Italian graduate: at least 15 years of study (from primary school to university graduation).

Master programme

Master Degree Course in International Relations MICRI lasts 12 months, including 6 months of full-time front courses, that take place during the week, self-study sessions and a Study Tour to the U.S., in Washington DC and New York.

After the class experience, the student goes through a 300-hour training course (minimum required), to complete the educational programme and has to discuss a final Project Work.

Study tour of Washington D.C. and New York


The 11th Edition of the Master degree course in “Communication for International Relations” includes a Study Tour to Washington DC and New York.

The Study Tour the U.S. is the ideal place to get in touch with current international affairs: nowadays Washington and New York are the main centres for politics and international affairs as the location of International Organizations (as Monetary Fund, The World Bank, UN Palace), lobbying firms and International Universities.

The Master will provide flights and accommodation.


The Master in Italy MICRI’s academic programme is divided into 5 teaching modules, held by IULM University professors as well as experts and professionals from the International Relations field (administrative and executive officials working for ministry and government circles). The academic programme will include class sessions, workshops, simulations and a Study Tour in Washington DC and New York. Our Master Degree Courses in International Relations are 60% in English and 40% in Italian. They take place from Monday to Friday and require compulsory attendance.

The student is required to attend at least 80% of the total hours of each individual module.

Didactical Modules

I Fundamentals of International Relations

  • Elements of political and economic geography
  • International history from 1890
  • Structure of international society
  • Strategic aspects of international relationships
  • International public law
  • Political philosophy

II Management of International Communication

  • International finance and economics
  • Company management
  • International marketing and advertising
  • Elements of political and social communication
  • Work Psychology

III Tools of International Communication

  • Social responsibility and communication
  • Strategy of cultural communication of international processes
  • Basic knowledge of lobbying and public affairs
  • Communication for development
  • Web communication & digital new media
  • International journalism

IV Case Studies

Conferences with valid experts relating the content of their professional experiences shall be an integral part of the course and students shall be required to follow up on such events carrying out analyses and in-depth studies.

V Simulation lab

  • Stage: At the end of this training there will be an internship in national or foreign offices and organizations, in the field of international communication and relations.
  • Project work: At the end of the Master, students will need to draft a final project work about a topic previously agreed upon with professors, followed by a presentation and discussion in the presence of a representative committee of the Master’s faculty


The internship can take place in corporate offices, international and national public administrative institutions, either abroad or in Italy.

The internship is assigned by the Course Director as part of the academic programme, on the base of each student’s attitudes and skills.

Internships are to last at least 300 hours given that they are one of the main parts of the didactic course and are to be undertaken between June and December.

MICRI Master communication: Admission enquiries and fees

Master MICRI dates

  • Master opening: November 7, 2016
  • Master closure: December 2017
  • Application definitive deadline: October 31, 2016

Admissions requirements

Admittance examinations to the master in Communication for International Relations MICRI will be held from May to October 2016, in Milan.

Candidates will be evaluated strictly focusing on inclinations and personal attitudes, ability to work in groups and to communicate actively, in order to create a strongly motivated team.

A basic requirement for all international students, in order to be admitted to an Italian University Master Course, is that they hold a college or university degree equivalent to a three-year first level University Italian degree and that have successfully completed the equivalent number of years of education as an Italian graduate: at least 15 years of study (from primary school to university graduation).

Compulsory: very good knowledge of the Italian and English language.

Application process

The application process is made up of 4 stages:

  1. Online applications (see below),
  2. Pre-enrolment fee: a payment of a € 100,00 admission fee is required (pre-enrolment fee), this amount will be deductible from the first instalment applied upon enrolment. No refund will be due if candidates should not proceed to enrolment or should they not pass the selection,
  3. Required documentation sent to Università IULM, Segreteria Studenti (see below),
  4. Interview with the Master scientific board. After having proceeded with the application, the applicant will be contacted to be informed of his/her eligibility to continue the selection process to the final phase (last stage of evaluation), which will consist of an interview with the master scientific board.

Online application

Applications can be submitted through

You have to register first, and then access to your personal area, get into “segreteria” and then “preiscrizioni".

The application is confirmed only after:

  • The online registration of the student has been completed ( The Application form, printable after having completed the online pre-enrolment registration, is called “dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificazione”. It certifies the bachelor degree achieved and the given exams and it has status of legal declaration in Italy (called self-certification);
  • Pre-enrolment fee payment has been credited to University account (this usually takes at least 4 weekdays). This payment must be done through the payment form, printable after having completed the application (MAV);
  • Having sent the following required documentation:
    • application form (dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificazione)
    • a copy of the identity card or passport
    • a copy of pre-enrolment fee payment receipt;
    • curriculum vitae
    • a copy of degree certificate with academic transcript providing a comprehensive list of examinations taken (or if students have not graduated yet, academic transcript providing a comprehensive list of examinations taken);
    • Optional: certificate of Italian and English knowledge (IELTS or TOEFL)

All these documents should be delivered by mail, through the recorded delivery letter with advice of delivery to the person concerned to Università IULM, Segreteria Studenti, Ufficio Master – Via Carlo Bo, 1– 20143, Milano.

Tuition fee

  • Tuition fee for EU- students: 10.560 €
  • Application tax €100,00 (cut of from I enrollment fee)
  • Tuition fee for NON-EU students: 12.672 €
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