Master’s Degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture. Mention in Research

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

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Master’s Degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture. Mention in Research

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Master’s Degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture. Mention in Research

Degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

We consider that nowadays new project proposals are closer to an empirical methodology than to a rationalist system structured in advanced. The theoretical manifests have an apparently relative incidence ―or, at the very least, vague― on avant-grade architecture and other design fields. It seems to be nourishing by the effects caused by an economical and social system permanently growing, by the viral and inalienable emergence of a digital environment, and by a growing concern on sustainability and energy efficiency for everything we should produce from now.

These new world-wide emerging and disappearing markets and the transformation of the social fabric, together with the new tools that allow the return to architectural practice with renewed possibilities to project. They all allow us to develop projects from a “thinking as experimenting” methodology, so we return to the deleuzian concept of “thinking as doing”.

That’s why, once Term 1 and Term 2 of the Master’s Degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture ―almost exclusively focused on research and new design methodologies exploration― have finished, we suggest Term 3, where we dedicate our efforts on the consolidation of the theoretical part by rigorously elaborating a document (dissertation). The student will count on the help of high knowledge doctors and teachers in advertisement.

At the same time, we suggest the design and building of a pavilion that allows the approach of every process carried out in Term 1 and Term 2 to an architectural object scaled 1:1.



After finishing the 12 month of research and experimental design at ADDA (Term 1 and Term 2), the Mention in Research ( Term 3 ) allows the student to develop a structured dissertation of the entire contents, both of research and design, generated previously throughout the course. The course will help the students to set up properly the theoretical fundaments of the new design strategies in architecture, that have been applied during the previous 12 months, engaging with the logic of emergence applied to design, genetic theories, and new paradigms of digital environment. This course will be a big opportunity to students to set up a very well structured topic in case of being interested on the development of their PhD.


The target is to design and the manufacture of a true scale prototype every year with the students of the Mention in Research. Therefore, intensive workshop at the first week of the course will define the bases for the material system to be developed. Later during the rest of the 5 months all group of students will develop the design of a physical system (phenotype) and the design of a digital process (genotype). All the students, as a big team will conclude the Term 3 with the manufacture and assembly of a responsive pavilion at the court yard of ELISAVA. The goal is learning to think designs to be produced as a live systems able to react to an alive environment, adapting to it. In that way it will be possible to imagine and design systems that feel, observe, listen, react, learn or interact.

Aimed at

Graduates in architecture, Graduates in product design, Graduates in industrial engineering, Graduates in building engineering, Graduates in biotechnology, Graduates in arts.

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One edition per year starting in September

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