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Program Description



The company must now consider his economic, ecological and societal as an ecosystem. In this world finished and interconnected, In a turbulent and uncertain context, role of the manager change. It must gain systemic vision, global and transverse. Its ability to bring the various actors work together and challenger practices will create new organizational dynamics and collaborative. Training Master Spécialisé® Manager of the Performance and Industrial Transformation and covers the key areas of industrial business. The social and environmental responsibilityThe management staff, management control and operational excellence (lean management) are studied to determine the limitations of current models and reflect on emerging and innovative solutions. This program promotes a collaborative fashion, Creative and empowering to collective agility focused customers. This Master aims to train Spécialisé® the leaders that will accompany the industry in the transition to thefactory of the future. It teaches them to bear an overview and inspiring performance. By aligning strategically goals optimal, tactical coordination means and operational synchronization decisionsThe program meets the needs of industry in terms of new performance models, Management and control. This training is developed jointly by Troyes University of Technology andESC TroyesWho bring their expertise in the fields:

  • industrial engineering, supply chain and sustainable development for the UTT
  • management, innovation and design for ESC Troyes

They trust us


Global competition [...] requires business leaders to project into the future to develop their industrial base to make it more flexible and responsive to market demands, simplify processes and implement the all the necessary skills and expertise [...] There is no question of initiating such changes in work patterns without considering the importance of the place of man in the factory; that is why I am also fully pleased that management and change management for men is part of the training program [...]


[..] We need profound transformation. The existing systems have shown their strengths but also their weaknesses. [...] The program highlights the need to innovate and think differently in order to change that.


This Spécialisé® Master will train industry experts with extensive industrial vision and open to the changing economic world, by challenging the paradigms which divide the internal expertise of a company to focus on the overall performance and common goals.

They argue that Master Spécialisé®



different companies

All industrial enterprises: SMEs, ETI subsidiaries of large groups.

various functions

Graduates of the Master Spécialisé® may target the following positions:

  • Director of transformation
  • Director of industrial performance
  • Director of Change Management
  • Manager Operational Excellence
  • Manager of transversal projects
  • Head of industrial product

Strong points

Taking into account the strong CSR issues: 20% of lessons are devoted to sustainable development and social responsibility. A curriculum from the recognized expertise of two schools: UTT with specialist industry stakeholders, ESC Troyes with management experts teachers


The training is divided into 5 blocks of skills consist of 2 teaching units (UE) each. Each of the 10 EU accounts 35h TrainingFor a total of 350h for the program. The training is followed byan internship period on a theme corresponding to the domain studied. The internship can last Minimum 4 months to 6 months and gives rise to the defense of a professional thesis. Training EU account for 45 ECTS and the defense of the professional thesis 30 ECTS, for a total of 75 ECTS

block 1

  • Strategy and Business Model
    • EU 01 Corporate Social Responsibility
    • EU 02 Responsible Competitiveness

block 2

  • Control management
    • EU 03 Economic Performance of companies
    • EU 04 overall Business Performance

block 3

  • Organizational management
    • EU 05 Management of empowering organizations
    • EU 06 Collective Intelligence

block 4

  • Steering the value chain
    • EU 07 Industrial and Commercial Steering
    • EU 08 Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence

block 5

  • digital technologies
    • 09 EU industrial system interaction
    • EU 10 Industrial Intelligence

intake level

Admission by application and personal interview Candidates must hold the following qualifications:

  • Diploma engineer authorized by the Engineering Title Commission (CTI list)
  • Degree from a qualified business school to deliver the degree of Master (CEFDG list)
  • 3rd cycle diploma accredited by the university authorities (DEA's degree ...) or professional degree consistent with the bac + 5
  • M1 degree or equivalent, for listeners who have at least three years of professional experience
  • Standard registered RNCP level 1
  • foreign degree equivalent to the French diplomas required above

The results will be sent by mail and e-mail after each session of admission interviews.


  • Students / Job seekers € 11,500
  • Employers / Companies € 17,500
Last updated Mar 2020

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UTT's core missions are to conduct research, deliver education & training and facilitate technology transfer. UTT is a French institution of higher education established in 1994. It is today one of the largest engineering schools in France. Over 2,500 students are registered at the University, enrolled on undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study programs. Read less