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Program Description


The MADE's mission is to produce knowledge and train professionals in business management to work in teaching, research and business practice, stimulating critical consciousness that contributes to the scientific, technological, cultural and social development of the country, with ethical commitment and social responsibility.

Given its professional nature, MADE has as general objectives: a) develop the specific skills related to business management with emphasis on the processes of change and business development; b) develop technical and scientific production that can contribute to the academic and professional debate on the interdisciplinary themes that are built around the business administration; c) consolidate the rapprochement between the Estacio de Sa University, the business community, development agencies and regional integration organizations to promote a permanent exchange of experiences.

Duration of the course

The Master in Management and Business Development (MADE) is structured to be completed within 24 months, counting from the date of enrollment of the student in the course and comprising four semesters, as follows: a) the first two semesters for compliance with 12 required courses; b) the third semester for I Guidance (development and qualification of the dissertation project); and c) the fourth semester for Orientation II (implementation of field research, pre-defense seminar and dissertation).

Concentration area

The area of ​​concentration MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT aims to develop the skills and the specific skills of management whose daily life is change. In this context, the area of ​​concentration is structured in two lines of research focusing on the key business skills required for professional management par excellence. The area of ​​concentration directs the teaching and research activities of MADE according to course design guidelines.

Research lines

The research lines are themed cutouts that determine different specificities of interest of the program and allow the deepening of the developed research.


Analyzes the dynamics (goals, means and policies) and the shares resulting from the adjustment of business requirements to existing competition standards in the various economic sectors, considering the market, society, networks and people.

Management Technologies

Studies technologies, procedures and tools to support production systems, management control, information, and decision making.

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