The Master in Comparative analysis of Mediterranean societies (MSOC) aims to train winners mastering the fundamentals in the field of social sciences, that is to say, able to face the comparative analysis of political societies. In the wake of the industry Sociology Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Master COSM is based on an open-plan view of the social sciences while offering more specialized information: international relations, public and political communication, and cultural anthropology and ethnology.

For several decades, the work and efforts of social sciences interested local authorities, companies, NGOs and associations. In a context of increasing specialization of knowledge, the mastery of a country or geographical area is often promoted as an essential professional skill. It becomes an "expert" forgetting that the understanding of political, social and economic phenomena especially demand a capacity of general and comparative analysis.

The proximity of the Mediterranean societies offers an ideal field to develop a strong disciplinary profile and the ability to decline in different political societies. The geographical proximity between the two shores of the Mediterranean is indeed increasingly reinforced by the intensity of trade in goods, capital and people, but also cultural, social and political models that surround the pool. Form on the comparative analysis means then learn to decline similar questions in different contexts learn to deal with the "here" and "elsewhere" with identical analytical tools to better decipher the differences and similarities . Therefore, training will also be organized in close collaboration with the Research Center Economics Society and Culture (CRESC) Mohammed VI Polytechnic University including the chair of comparative African Studies.

The courses

The course International Relations

The course "international relations" focuses on the redeployment of the international order in the age of globalization. India and China presented today as "Emerging" on the world stage will be particularly studied and their relations with Mediterranean societies.

This course provides for the presence semesters 2 and 3 at the University of Turin and access to the double degree (Mohammed VI Polytechnic University / UNITO).

The course Communication

The course "Public Communication and Politics" focuses on how newsmaking and storytelling based on new technologies. The outlook for corporate communications, territorial promotion, political marketing, analysis of election data and journalistic practices will be particularly considered.

This course provides for the presence semesters 2 and 3 at the University of Turin and access to the double degree.

The course Anthropology

The course "cultural anthropology and ethnology" focuses on the changes in social interaction caused by migration and increasing urbanization. The prospects of visual anthropology and anthropology of the body will be considered for such investigation.

This course provides for the presence semesters 2 and 3 at the University of Turin and access to the double degree.


The master COSM is open each year to 20 students with a social science bachelor's degree equivalent to 180 ECTS credits. Quotas will be provided to facilitate access to training for licensed social science obtained:

  • At the School of Governance and Economics (EGE) in Rabat
  • From public schools in Morocco
  • At the University of Turin (UNITO)

Applicants to the program will present an application with Mohammed VI Polytechnic University or UNITO and pass an oral interview before a panel of teachers from both institutions. At the end of the interview, the jury will decide on the application from a grid of pre-established criteria for this purpose.

Program taught in:
  • French

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Aug 2020
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Aug 2020
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