Master of Science Programs in Transport Aviation

For scientific fields, the next step after earning a bachelor’s degree is a Master of Science (MSc). This degree displays a scientific mastery of the specific field and often provides career opportunities for those who finish the program.

What is an MSc in Transport Aviation? Such a program emphasizes the business and conceptual parts of aviation for those already involved in the industry. This includes theory on airport design, managing air cargo and safety while flying. Statistical methods are taught and applied to evaluate aviation as a practice. Using scientifically-backed methodology when dealing with plane safety and cargo handling improves a student’s ability to move up to a management position in the aviation industry.

Graduating with a Master of Science in Transport Aviation can show a dedication to learning how to operate in a leadership role. Technical decision-making and problem-solving skills can be additionally beneficial to making choices outside of the field.

Depending on the program choice, an MSc in Transport Aviation can vary in cost. The program’s prominence and availability factor into the value. Cost expectations can be compared by looking at official websites or directly contacting institutions.

A Master of Science in Transport Aviation often opens up further careers in aviation with positions such as transportation supervisor, employee manager or entrepreneur. A master’s degree often qualifies people for prominent management positions or becomes a way to establish their own business. For those who do not wish to be in a management position in the aviation industry, piloting either commercially or for the military are options for qualified individuals.

Even if a university seems too far to attend, there are alternatives such as online classes that can be considered for the same degree. The availability of online components depends on the offering university. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MSc in International Air Transportation System Engineering and Design

2 years

Air transport market has increased considerably involving multidisciplinary constraints and objectives to become a complex system of systems – aircraft design, manufacturing, ...

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