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An MSc, or Master of Science, is an academic distinction bestowed upon those who effectively complete a predetermined set of coursework in what is often a science-based discipline. The MSc often enhances career opportunities as well as earning potential.

A program in surveying usually provides instruction in all the aspects of the surveying process. These generally include design, methods, planning, contracting and regulations. Potential careers may include management or land surveyor opportunities for a range of construction, transportation or real estate development companies.

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Other options within this field of study:
Lebanese International University

The program will develop and test the ability to define and analyze the problem, to develop solutions to the problem, to make the necessary decisions, convert ideas into ... [+]

Master in Surveying Engineering

The program includes following courses:

Underground & Marine Survey

The goal of this course is to explain the methods and the tools used to establish the surveying inside the tunnels, the off-shore surveying, and the connection between this work and that accomplished on the Earth surface, introduction to marine survey, marine maps, marine course, Echosounders and depth measurements, combining echo-sounders and GPS observation, production of marine maps.

Geomatics for Civil Works

Specific applications of the principles and techniques introduced in earlier surveying courses are applied to a range of engineering projects in this course. The main emphasis, however, will be on the practical application of this knowledge in practical projects. Linear measurements- fieldwork practice. Leveling, Angular measurement, building setting out, building surveys, roads works- curve calculation, roads works- setting out, drain and pipelines, height tension electricity. Hydrographic survey... [-]

Lebanon Beirut
October 2019
2 years