Compare 18 MSc Programs in Strategic Marketing

Many students who want to pursue advanced degrees apply to Master of Science (MSc) programs. Typically, they study subjects that relate to their undergraduate education, allowing them to gain specialized knowledge for the workforce.

What is an MSc in Strategic Marketing?  This program is geared towards students that are interested in gaining marketing skills with a strategic perspective. The courses help you learn how to provide companies with a competitive advantage and better understand today’s customers. You also learn marketing tools and techniques that are useful for successful marketing campaigns. Most students who apply for this type of program have prior business experience. However, some programs accept students without previous experience.

There are many benefits to a Master of Science in Strategic Marketing. During your education, you will learn project management skills that will greatly benefit you in the workplace. Upon graduation, you will be qualified to work in a variety of jobs.

The cost of an MSc varies depending on where you attend school. Since there are schools across the globe, it is best to check with each school about tuition costs.

After you graduate with your Master in Strategic Marketing, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of different jobs. A lot of students work as high-level marketing executives. Their knowledge of strategy allows them to make effective decisions to help companies grow. Some graduates also work with start-up companies. They use their strategy skills to properly market a new company and help it flourish.


If you are interested in studying Strategic Marketing, it is important to research the different programs available. Each Master program is a little bit different and it is recommended to find the one that suits your needs. For example, some offer courses online. Others require students to attend class on campus. Fortunately, there are multiple programs available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MSc in Marketing (MSM)

Suffolk University
Campus Full-time Part-time 9 - 24 months September 2019 USA Boston + 1 more

The Suffolk Master of Science in Marketing (MSM) offers an advanced, comprehensive curriculum, featuring courses in market research, strategic marketing, qualitative methods, product management, digital marketing, and global perspectives in consumer marketing. In this practical, real-world program, you will help local and global businesses find solutions to their marketing challenges while preparing to take your career to the next level.

Master of Science in Strategic Marketing Management

BI Norwegian Business School
Campus Full-time 2 years August 2019 Norway Oslo

Strategic Marketing is about creating future-proof businesses that are able to create value for their customers and make money in an ever-changing marketplace. This is a master's programme for people who like to communicate and support their message with a thorough understanding of statistics and analysis to substantiate their communication to their targeted market.

MSc in Strategic Marketing

Romanian-American University
Campus Full-time 2 years October 2019 Romania Bucharest

The MSc in Strategic Marketing, offered by the School of Management-Marketing, is a two-year program. The knowledge attained in class and the skills developed in this program will render a better-informed and prepared individual to tackle a wide variety of marketing aspects, beginning with the market comprehension and targeting, continuing with positioning and ending with marketing metrics.

MSc/PgD/PgC Strategic Marketing Masters

Cardiff Metropolitan University
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 - 2 years September 2019 United Kingdom Cardiff + 1 more

The broad aim of the programme is to produce marketers and marketing managers who can run and successfully integrate at a managerial level in a broad range of organisational and marketing environments.

MSc in Strategic Marketing

Middlesex University London
Campus Full-time Part-time 12 months August 2019 United Kingdom London UK Online + 2 more

Today’s customers are more knowledgeable than ever before, demanding wider variety and better quality in products and services. Organisations are looking to marketing strategists to ensure they understand the needs of their customers, how to evolve and grow their customer base and provide the drive towards innovation that will secure them a place in new and emerging markets.

Master in Strategic Marketing (MSc)

Middlesex University London
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 - 2 years September 2019 United Kingdom UK Online London + 2 more

The course has a strong focus on applying theoretical concepts to practical situations, employing real-life case studies and a week-long residential to give you a true understanding of strategic marketing practice. There is also the option to take 6-month work placement as part of the 18-month version of the course to further develop practice understanding and professional competencies.

MSc in Strategic Marketing

Cardiff University
Campus Full-time 12 months September 2019 United Kingdom Cardiff

The MSc in Strategic Marketing programme is a one-year, full-time programme designed to extend the knowledge of those wishing to develop a successful career in marketing.

MSc in International Strategic Marketing

University of Bradford
Campus Full-time 1 year September 2019 United Kingdom Bradford

The MSc in International Strategic Marketing develops the specialist knowledge and skills you need to pursue a marketing career. You will develop your working knowledge of marketing tools and techniques and learn how to integrate them to plan and implement successful marketing programmes and initiatives.

MSc in Strategic Marketing

Cranfield University
Campus Full-time 1 year September 2019 United Kingdom Cranfield

The Strategic Marketing MSc will give you the specialised skills and knowledge to become a successful marketing leader of the future. Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Market Research Society (MRS), you will gain an in-depth understanding of marketing, including marketing strategy, digital marketing, branding, communications, marketing consulting, CRM, key account management, market research, omnichannel marketing and big data marketing analytics.

MS Marketing Strategy and Business Development

École de Management de Normandie / Normandy Business School
Campus Full-time 15 months September 2019 France Le Havre

This program is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and is accessible after a Bac 4/5.

Specialized Master - Territorial Development Str@tegy

École de Management de Normandie / Normandy Business School
Campus Full-time 15 months September 2019 France Caen

This program is taught in FRENCH only.

MSc in Strategic Marketing

Swansea University
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 - 2 years September 2019 United Kingdom Swansea + 1 more

Become a successful marketing leader of the future. Develop your high-level marketing and strategy skills, with a critical understanding of current issues and challenges in an industry that is constantly evolving. This course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), including module exemptions from CIM professional qualifications (CIM Graduate Gateway scheme).

MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting

Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham
Campus Full-time 1 year August 2019 United Kingdom Birmingham

Strategic marketing needs high-level skills, critical awareness of current issues and challenges, and the ability to respond rapidly to ever-changing markets. This MSc is designed for graduates and practising managers already familiar with basic marketing concepts.

MSc Strategic Marketing Management

Aston Business School
Campus Full-time 1 year September 2019 United Kingdom Birmingham

The MSc Strategic Marketing Management is designed to meet the needs of graduates who have not previously specialised in marketing but now wish to do so.

MSc Marketing & Strategy

Warwick Business School
Campus Full-time 12 months August 2019 United Kingdom Coventry

Explore the frontiers of marketing and strategy; two crucial business disciplines, in this unique course.